Kohler cast iron enamel sinks--no lead--less durable?

needinfo1February 27, 2013

I keep reading various references here to the fact that their glazing compound no longer includes lead as it used to. Does anyone know anything on this topic or when the change took place?

I have a nearly 20 year old, white Kohler sink that has been a workhorse and has held up extremely well other than some of those tiny scratches in the finish. If I buy one of today's Kohler sinks can I expect the same kind of wear? Or, is all this talk about the change in the formula going to mean I should expect to have a nice-looking and durable sink for a only a few years before the finish starts to significantly deteriorate. I would keep my current sink for my countertop re-do if it weren't for the fact I am apprehensive about putting in new, expensive stone countertops with a custom hole cut to match an older sink that is a totally unique cutout size and configuration with nothing at all the same size available in today's market so it couldn't be replaced if something happened to it.

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My cast iron enameled sink is not Kohler, but I had the same concerns before installing as I had also read about not including lead in the finish. At first I was super carefull, but over time I have become more comfortable with the sink. I haven't had any chips from regular use. There have been some "metal marks" which come out pretty easily with some lysol and a scotchbrite pad. We wash alot of cast iron pans which are easy to "ding" things with, but we are careful not place them in the sink, not throw. We don't have kids so that helps, however my husband is as hard on things as any teenager.

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Thanks. I really would like to know if there is any truth to the idea of the lead being removed and the finish thus being less durable. Or, is this just one of those "I heard it on the Internet" anecdotes?

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My eight year old Kohler is a workhorse, too. My greatest regret is that they don't have a color that will work in my reno. I have heard nothing from them or any suppliers to indicate a formula or finish change.

If I were you, I'd just call Kohler. They have always answered all my questions in a timely and honest manner. Phone: 1-800-4KOHLER(1-800-456-4537)

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