Help: StarMark & Holiday Cabinets

diab123February 5, 2013

We plan to order cabinets soon for remodel. Are considering a KD who deals in StarMark and Holiday cabinets. I see Holiday in forum pricing lists, but does anyone know about Starmark---
Where does it fall in the quality lineup of other cabinets?
Where does it fall in the pricing scheme?
What other cabinets are comparable to StarMark?
If you have Starmark, are you happy with the product?
Help! This is way more complicated than meets the eye.

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Hi Diab123 , I did Starmark cabs in my kitchen here 7 years ago. I love them . I got the all wood option . The cabs look almost brand new. I got Cherry in a medium color forget the name of the stain. I would say they are medium range cabinet brand. Good luck with your choice.

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thank you, sarina. good to hear. might you have photos to attach?
thank you!

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StarMark has an all wood option that is called the Ultimate Upgrade, and it's available at no charge.

I agree, choosing cabinets is more confusing than people realize. StarMark has a cabinet comparison worksheet that helps homeowners compare more than one line of cabinetry. If your KD does not have this worksheet, and you would like a copy, just reply to this post.

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