Grasshopper problem...

jaackaJuly 7, 2007

As you can see, I have a huge grasshopper problem in my flower beds, eating all my flowers! I've never seen them so thick. If you have any suggestions for getting rid of the pesky little buggers, I'd appreciate it.

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A few years ago, they cleaned out my garden and yard in less than two days.

I normally won't use chemicals, but did so on my yard. I used the "Cutter" brand mosquito spray which comes in a bottle that attaches to your garden hose. It completely got rid of all grasshoppers by the next day, but then, I had dead grasshoppers all over the place.

The chemical on the label is the same for ridding your yard of many insects, and is not descriminate, it will kill even beneficial insects, but it only has a residual of about three weeks, then most insects will return, but by that time the grasshoppers will have moved on.

Good Luck


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No chemicals! Ducks!!

Sorry Kt.


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A friend of mine uses the same spray on his garden and yard, which includes a fish pond and he has ducks. He sprays at least once a month during the Summer, mainly to keep away the mosquitos, and he has never had a loss of fish nor his ducks, but I wouldn't recommend it if you have pets of any kind.


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