pic color drained

plantbugJuly 4, 2012

How do you get the picture to look alive? When I post a picture, they are so drab next to most others I see. What is the secret?

Any help appreciated.

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I'm no expert but probably a lot of people use a program like Photoshop Elements to sharpen and adjust colors in their photographs. There are other programs out there that will work also.

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If your camera menu has a Color Space option, it will probably let you choose between sRGB and Adobe RGB (and possibly others). The default is probably sRGB because older monitors are limited to that smaller color space. Adobe RGB is a larger color space, and newer monitors can benefit from a larger color space.

Also, your camera may have a menu setting for Picture Control, with options like Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, and Landscape. Check your camera manual to see what options are available to you.

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I have my camera set to "vivid" so my colors pop more (personal preference for me)

I can also sharpen my pictures, although it doesn't make a tremendous difference on most.

I reduce the file size of my pictures before I upload (I use a windows power toy image resizer so I do not have to open the picture in a separate program to resize).

I do not use "auto" settings my my DSLR. I find that if I use auto settings my pictures are very flat and boring.

Explore your camera! Even if it not a DSLR, you can do some tweaking of the settings to get more out of it.

Unedited picture

Image that has been shaprpened:

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iowagirl2006, your before pic looks better than mine do!! Thanks for your tips, I will try them out.

Thanks all for your suggestions.

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Contrast and/or lowering gamma or brightness, a little saturation. There are many paying and free programs that will do that. Vivid in camera does a good job, too! I'm not sure if you already have a program but I've been a loyal user of free Irfanview for at least 5 years. The first few years was trying to figure out what worked good for my personal taste.


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