What's for dinner Sunday?

patti43March 24, 2013

Finished cleaning house this afternoon. Having VIP company Tuesday for lunch--Nita and Mike. Most of you know Nita from either having met her or from her posting. She and Mike are on a big adventure--4 months of RV'ing. Hope spring comes quickly so they have nice weather along the way. If you haven't met them, I hope you get the opportunity. They're such nice people!!

Tonight we're having breaded tenderloin sandwiches and homemade french fries--unless I get lazy and get out the chips :-)

Tell me about your weather, especially if you're in the midwest or south--midwest to have wicked snow and the south wicked thunderstorms. We had really gusty winds this morning that screwed up my clean porch. Grrr! Also please share what you're having for dinner.

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Started off beautiful today, high 64, now at 4 winds 20-25 mph and howling out there, down to 53 and falling.

Chicken cordon bleu from Fresh Market
slaw and baked potato from Fish Market yesterday
and ATTEMPTED homemade club soda biscuits.

They were tasty but flat. One, the Bisquick might have been old plus the soda was flat.; You think that was it :o)

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Wild rice soup, and, yes, made with left-over broth and rice! Probably a salad to go with it.

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We are back home. When I got back from getting Georgy it was 37, raining and crazy golfers out golfing. Nutso!!!! It's good to be home even if I'm freezing. We had great weather in Florida, but driving home was really awful. Raining so hard you could hardly see and 95 was very crowded. It's the worst weather we've ever had either coming or going. Usually we arrive home to good weather here but not this time. It did give me a chance to get back at DH though. I said "You know how you say we have to go on a vacation so that when we get home we can appreciate what we have? Well, all these years we've had nice weather driving home so you need a little rain in order to appreciate all that good weather you've had!!

We're just having the corn chowder I made a couple days ago. There's enough left over for tonight and from here on in DH says nothing but greens for a month....yeah, right.

Glenda, I've never made club soda biscuits, but I think the fact the the club soda was flat might have been the problem.

Patti, Hope you have a great visit with Nita. Say Hi for all of us.

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A very simple down-home meal: ham, cabbage and potatoes.

It hasn't started snowing yet here in my part of Ohio. And it wouldn't bother me a bit if it didn't....nor icy stuff either.


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Glenda, what a shame to go to all that trouble and have the biscuits not turn out. Glad they tasted good. I gave up trying to make biscuits. I aalways overwork the dough and they turn out like bricks.

Phyllis--my favorite wild rice soup. I like it so much I never make anything but the soup when I have wild rice. I'm sure it's good in other things, but......

I'm glad you're home safely, Georgysmom. Said a little prayer you'd get home before the bad weather hit. Driving in rain in no fun at all, especially in traffic. I will say "hi" to Nita.

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I had leftover beef vegetable soup, crackers, applesauce and iced tea. His is still on the kitchen table. I doubt if he eats it. It is 34 out here right now and we are awaiting the next round of snow. It did snow here first thing this morning and then a lot of it melted.

Sue in Central Indiana

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It was 34 and cloudy all day. Supposed to have sun and some warmer temperatures all week.

The other day hubby said that he would love some cheeseburgers so I made that, coleslaw and fried potatoes. He raved about it. Something so simple, yet tastes so good!
He's now filling the kettle for our tea.

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Hubby made French onion soup and rolls for us. Our weather was cool, sunny and cold.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It was a beautiful day but we had gale force winds with temps in the 50s, but it chilled to the bone with that wind. We journeyed out to Camping World which is a ways from us to pick up needed stuff for the RV. The wind was whipping the Hummer around like it was plastic. My husband's cap went sailing off and he had to chase it down. We did the grocery shopping too so we picked up the big pre made sub sandwiches in the deli for dinner tonight.

I hope the temperature goes back up for our trip to Louisiana and the sun shines.

I am sure all those getting the horrible weather hope for sunny skies and warmer temps too.

Patti you are so right, Nita and Mike are really good folks such a pleasure to spend time together with them.

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Had Walnutcreek's Thai Chicken Quick. It was really delicious, and there's enough left over for at least a couple more meals for DH and me. With it, we had brown basmati rice and broccoli/cauliflower.

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Shirley, sure hope the storm stays away! Sounds like you had a nice, hearty dinner to keep you warm.

Sue, hope the snow continues to melt. That's the "good" thing about having snow this late in the season. It melts faster since the weather's a little warmer. (Well, that's the Weather Channel's explanation, anyway.)

Jasdip, I don't blame him for being happy. I sure would be!
Enjoy your cuppa.

Pam, you are one lucky girl--guess I've said that before. Bet that soup was delicious!

Raven, we had that same wind. It was really powerful, wasn't it. Glad we didn't have anyplace to go in our little Matrix--would've blown us to the next town :-) Are you going to LA for the holidays? We're going to Harry's sister's in Georgia. Looking forward to it. Yes, I'm happy Nita and Mike can come again.

Stacey, Walnutcreek's Thai chicken sounds good. I'll have to do a search. If I can't find it, I'll be giving you a shout. We love Thai food.

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I made mysef a reuben sandwich. It was very good. Snowing off and on all day here in SD.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I made veggie lasagna (spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, onions) with whole wheat noodles and white sauce. TOTAL experiment /invention and a success. I'll tweak it for the next time I make it, but it was pretty darned yummy.

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Country Sunflower

You all have some great meals today.. yummm.. But.. I wouldn't trade for what Larry made for me tonight...

Perfectly grilled Filet Mignon, and I did sliced potatos and cauliflower for me, salad for him.. .. The steak was so good.. fork tender.. and a real treat..

Tomorrow we go back to eating Spam sandwiches.. lol Just kidding..


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I had pork tenderloin leftover from the previous night, so I took the pork, a slice of ham, swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles and grilled up a couple of cubano sandwiches. With the remaining Fiery Sweet Potatoes as a side dish.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Stacey, I am so glad you enjoyed the Thai Chicken Quick.

We had pork chops, rice, mixed veggies, and biscuits with butter for dinner last night. It was so good.

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What was for dinner? Does one count the nibble on the fudge pie as "dinner"? I looked in the fridge and saw booze, soup, and sweets, then shook my head and walked off. I will have a better dinner tonight. Son is out of town, so I am taking a break from cooking!

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All I ate yesterday was a late breakfast. A friend called and wanted to take me out to eat. Haven't seen her in a long time so it was a surprise and a fun time. Went to a popular restaurant but both of our omelets were disappointing. Mine was a "Speedy Gonzalez", essentially a taco omelet but the meat in there was so sparse it looked like coarse ground pepper. She looked at it and said, uh, yeah, that's not a lot. She had the seafood omelet which had a lot of seafood in it but wasn't seasoned so she was a bit disappointed too. But the wine was good, my potatoes and toast were good. Service was lackluster at best. Might give them another chance sometime but it'd better be a big improvement.

Stopped at a couple stores afterward and there were a few flakes of snow coming down but not enough to even accumulate anything on the windshield.

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