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miamilambFebruary 7, 2011

I was all set tonight to buy the Kohler Karbon deck mounted faucet when I ran across two reviews elsewhere critical of two aspects of the faucet:

1) Cannot toggle betweeen spray and stream without turning off the water. Can switch from stream to spray by button but not return. Is this true? Do you find it to be an inconvenience?

2) Difficult to select temperatures other than full on hot and full cold.

If you considered the Karbon and chose something else, what was that?

I love the look of the Karbon but I don't want to sacrifice function entirly for form.

Thanks in advance!

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1) True. I don't have a problem with it, but mine is on my prep sink so I'm always turning the water off anyway. It might bother me at clean-up. My clean-up faucet switches back and forth but reverts to stream when it's off. I bothered me for about a week, but I got used to it. You do need a certain amount of flow on the Karbon to make it spray. It doesn't spray on trickle.

2) Haven't had that problem, but I usually set it where I want it and use a Tapmaster. The thing is that you have to set forward to on and side to side to temperature, and you kind of have to know where you're aiming. Mine is installed at an angle because I wanted it jammed as far to the edge as possible. At first that was hard because it doesn't use the cardinal points, but I've learned where the temperatures I like are.

3) You can set it to flow wherever you want and it stays there.

4) You can aim it very precisely.

5) It can arch high to fill a pitcher or pot, and way low to cool pasta without blasting it.

6) It has personality. Today mine was looking like Eeyore. Then I moved it and it looked like a happy lawn flamingo.

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I can second plllogs statement for the first thing and mostly do the same for number two.

To switch from spay to regular stream you do have to turn the water off and then back on again. I'd prefer if it could be switched back and forth on the head of the faucet itself but it's not a big enough of a deal for it to be an issue. If Kohler came out with a new head for a couple hundred bucks I'd buy it in a heart beat but it wouldn't change much.

When we first got the Karbon we definitely had problems trying to get the heat right where we wanted. We have an under the sink waterheater so the water is immediately very hot. For us that meant that trying to get the delicate balance of just warm was kind of awkward (and irritating when you had to keep turning off the water to switch out of spray...). So it took more practice with it then I think another faucet might have.

With those things said, you can have my karbon when you pry it from my cold dead hands! I love my faucet! *hums happily* I would never voluntarily go back to a stationary regular faucet.

The ability to fill a pot while sitting on the counter instead of in the sink, to raise the whole thing out of the way for washing big items in the sink, to be able to spray UP at an angle inside glasses, etc is just too valuable.

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laura mcleod

Plllog and morgne already gave their great thoughts so my two cents is a little repetitive. I think the Karbon is crazy functional (and gorgeous) -- the angles are amazing and the water flow is like butter - perfect.

You do have to toggle but after a few days it became automatic and now I don't even realize I am doing it.

I have not found it especially hard to get the right temp - my previous faucet was a bridge style so I had to turn 2 handles to get to warm - the joystick is an improvement for me.

I will never go back to a standard faucet - I totally love it. HTH!

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" It has personality. Today mine was looking like Eeyore. Then I moved it and it looked like a happy lawn flamingo." You made me smile Pllog ! What a lovely way to give personality to something as functional as a faucet.

So question for KK users .... is the Karbon drain assembly mandatory or can you install the faucet without the "touch drain" and instead connect to the main drain?


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Sacrifice function for form? Ha! What's so wonderful about this faucet IS the function. I like to call it the OTF (One True Faucet); like laurainlincoln, I would hope to always have one of these in my kitchen.

Note that when we received it, it came with a low flow aerator. After some research, we contacted Kohler and ordered the high flow aerator ($20?), which was a huge improvement.

I don't recall a special drain assembly but will ask DH (who installed). Here's a shot of the connections; DW to the left.

Here's the little honey:

Good luck!

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Oldbat2be: I THINK the "touch drain" is for the bathroom Karbon and seems to be a package - take me , take my drain. . f you could ask if the kitchen KK came with a touch drain, would be grateful.


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I looked up 'touch down drain' and understand now. No, the kitchen version does not come with this.

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