Dog Eatting Grass

drobertson_2008April 17, 2010

Does anyone know why dogs eat grass? I have heard in the past that it was a sign of worms. Is this true?

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there are several reasons. sometimes dogs eat grass when they have a tummy ache. often, they will throw up after doing so.

my 2 great danes girls eat grass because they like it. there are certain places on the farm where they will stop and "graze", something about the grass there. one of them will even munch on hay when i am feeding the horses!

i don't think i've ever heard of worms being a cause.

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I read somewhere certain grasses taste sweet to canines.

A couple of my dogs used to eat grass a lot, with no regurgitating afterwards. My current dogs seldom eat grass.

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One of my previous dogs, (terrier mix), ate grass and threw up shortly after. My current two dogs, (a beagle and a shepherd mix), eat grass with no after effects. None of them had worms.

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My Born (shep. mix) loved to eat grass. He was quite a connoisseur of it - he had "a nose" for what I guess was the "good stuff". He had his favorite patches (and lengths) but at any new location, he would carefully check out all available patches with a gusto that made me smile. No regurgitating ever.

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Because they like it and something is missing in their diets. If you notice, all dogs seem to like the same kind of grass. Also, grass works if they need a emetic.

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My Dobie eats grass when she has a upset stomach then barfs, she also eats dirt, sod ,not in that order but something like that.

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My girl eats grass. Her specialty is located very close to the house and with a bit of morning dew on it. (I have to admit that i love to watch her) She may find other spots but she will sniff and sniff until she finds that perfect patch. She does not vomit after either. For those that do vomit, if you watch your dog like a hawk like i do, you will notice that your dog did not eat much that day or not with as much vigor as he/she normally would. I would assume that whatever is in the grass is needed to help with the upset tummy. Everything should be fine right after the grass hunt is done. You will find strings of grass in the poop but that is all good. :@)

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I must admit my girl only eats grass after a rough night on the town. I tell her every time you drink this happens ,I guess I will become a hawk.

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