Clear roller shades for screen porch?

JamieMarch 19, 2014

We are just beginning to look into these. We would like to be able to use the porch a little longer each year, and it would be nice to keep the snow from accumulating out there.

Do you have experience with outdoor roller shades?
Suggestions for me?

At first glance, a 4 foot wide shade appears to cost 5 times as much if it is motorized than if it is operated manually.

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Where did you find clear shades? I too have a screen porch and would be interested in them.

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I imagine I am stupid, but what is the purpose of clear shades on a screened porch? I did read what you wrote, but I still don't quite understand how shades will help. I think I would do what we had growing up-a screened porch with storm windows that replaced the floor-to-ceiling screens when it got cold. I don't see people doing that any more, but it certainly made for a lovely space except in the dead of winter (it was a true porch with no heating).

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Gracie, my husband saw the shades on a house in a neighboring town. He didn't take a picture, He figured they came from an awning company.

I did a quick google and found the link below. That's all I know. I'm far from knowing whether I want them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clear vinyl outdoor shades

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I'm not sure what exactly you are referring to, but we just bought a large solar roller shade for our back porch. It's purpose is to block the west facing sun so that we can sit out on the porch throughout the day. It can be motorized, but ours is not, it is a manual crank. Ours is about 10 feet wide. We got ours from Sunsetter Awnings. We had bought one of their awnings for a previous home. We love our shade!

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We too have a screened porch that we are considering using vinyl shades on. I am adding a link to a Youtue video a lady posted who made her own. When you get into that area you can browse around and find the name of several places to purchase them online. Google Southern Exposure patio enclosures

For those who questioned the purpose. Having shades to block the wind would enable the porch to be used for additional months. We got the idea from restaurants we frequent while snowirding. Many have outdoor seating area that they enclose with clear vinyl shades and use propane heaters on. This enales that seating to be used nearly all winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY patio enclosure

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Meany, thank you for the great link. She makes it look doable, and I have her same white heart-detail would-be-wrought-iron garden chairs. I don't have anyone to help me with the taping part -- DH and I fight when simply trying to place a rug on a rug pad! I live in northern Indiana.

I need full-length ones, and it would be difficult to find a large, flat, clean place to cut such large pieces, and source some material that's 8 feet or so on the shorter side.

Nonetheless, with help with taping, I think it could be done, even by me.

I was originally looking for roller shades so I could leave them up all year round, but these are a good option, too.

Here is the list of links I assembled to give visuals, prices, and ideas to DH. I've added your youtube link to his list as well.

(new zealand dollar is 85 cents)

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Here is the kind I would ideally love to have! All four sides of ours is screened which would make it more expensive than a three sided porch.
I think rolling them down to keep out the pollen in the spring would make these perfect since we live near a wooded area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Southern patio enclosure video

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That looks so good. My ceiling is not high; if it's that easy to roll I don't need a motor.

Do you know how these look over time? Do they yellow, crack, crease, or ?

I was hoping someone with experience could tell us.

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