You full yet? What was your dinner? Sunday

glenda_alMarch 31, 2013

Son and grandson still here, watching The Kings Speech.

pork roast, bacon asparague bundles, brown rice casserole, spinach salad.

Dessert skillet almond shortbread and chocolate covered strawberries.

Son even ate two pieces of the shortbread.

Whatcha having?

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I had my main meal at lunch. Went to eat with my special needs sister at the Home where she lives. Menu was ham, either sweet potatoes or mashed, green beans, pickled eggs/beets, a roll. For dessert, there was coconut cream pie. I brought mine home for later. All was very good....and enjoyable.


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We had a relaxing day. I made 4 loaves of bread, and will give one to my neighbour downstairs. He gave us a large rainbow trout fillet last week, so I'm returning the favour!

For dinner we had chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, with potatoes and carrots around it. The garlic infused the veggies, Heaven!!

We're finishing the last of the lemon bundt cake with our tea as I type.

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We had our dinner yesterday since DS and kids left today to return to NYC.
We had pulled pork, cole slaw,.baked beans, copper penny salad and strawberry cake for dessert.

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I made a big pot of chili after church - Grandson's request.

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Worked this morning and we went to Cracker Barrel this afternoon. I had the samper plate with meatloaf, ham and chicken 'n dumplins'. Small portions thank heavens! Also had mashed potatoes, pinto beans and carrots. No room for dessert! The end of the week the countertop and sink should be in and the micro and dishwasher also. Maybe I can start cooking again soon! Not sure when the doors to the cabinets will be in.
Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

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We are not religious, so our meal was Steak-n-Shake - burgers & chicken strips. LOL!

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I fixed a Standing rib roast, mashed potatoes, green salad, stir fry veggies, rolls, gravy. Then we topped it off with Strawberry shortcake w/ice cream and real whip cream.

We will have leftovers tomorrow night. Even enough dessert left for tomorrow night.

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We had a very enjoyable evening at Amber and Mikes with the family. I had chicken and noodles, baked beans mashed potatoes, deviled eggs green beans, corn, sweet potatoes, ham, a roll, and later a piece of bunny cake and strawberries. There was a lot more there to choose from, but I was too full. We watched Alyssa hunt for Easter eggs in the back yard and also get her Easter baskets. The one thing she played with most was her jump rope. She knew what it was for as she watches Barney each morning on her tablet. We went to church early and stayed for both services and breakfast. A long day for sure.


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Very full, very tired, very happy!
We had bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, smoked beef tenderloin, new potato, leek and asparagus tart, salad and strawberry pie. Also, cheeses, dips and veggies. We had champagne, too! Lots and lots of prep work, but it was worth it! Kitchen is about half-way back to normal, and I can't do anything else tonight. The dogs and the mommy have gone to bed!

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Everyone sounds like dinner was great.

Apologize, I can't reply like patti43, I'm pooped tonight!

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Granddaughters and daughter fixed dinner/supper. Had roast, ham, carrots, asparagus, pototoes with cheese, simple but so good. Had 7 kids, with parents, two people no kids, so we had a few. Had to have the egg hunt in a building--still too much snow. But we all had fun!

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More than full, now that I've had seconds of apple crisp and ice cream! The rest of the family has left, but we really enjoyed visit and the food - baked ham, meatballs, mashed potatoes, layered salad and roasted veggies. So much ham that DS and his family took some home, which they will likely have for dinner tomorrow.

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Went to our daughters and had steak and asparagus on the grill. Mashed potatoes, corn from the garden, mixed fruit and wonderful homemade bread. We were there yesterday for our grandaughter' s birthday so we had leftover cake and ice cream for dessert. Busy weekend, but wonderful..

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We had a small gathering for dinner. Ham, augratin potatoes, mac and cheese, green beans, fresh florida tomatoes and rolls. For dessert we had lemon meringue pie and wine to round out the meal. Lovely company our nephew, oldest grandson and his mom and my brother in law plus my hubby and me. Fun afternoon and evening.

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We went to my son's for dinner. He made baked ham, scalloped potatoes and green beans. I made an oreo cheesecake for dessert and my daughter and her husband and children were there also. My DGD's birthday was celebrated with the candles on the cheesecake! My DSIL made pascha bread with raisins and all in all it was a lovely day!

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Okay, Glenda. Your menu sounds fabulous. Every bit of it. Would you share recipes?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

No traditional feast here, but I did make something we both loved! Asparagus, leek, and mushroom frittata with fontina cheese. Goodness, it was good. Robert took some to work with him, for breakfast.

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Glenda, you are doing a great job being Patti, but where is Patti? I must have missed something.....

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I lucked out and found a fresh turkey - on sale. Had that with stuffing, a big tossed salad and sweet potatoes, turnips and roasted asparagus. I was actually too full to have the chocolate mousse with whipped cream. I'll make up for that tonight.


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I made a Low Country Boil and served it by dumping the entire lot directly on the plastic and paper covered table. It was delicious, low stress and fairly easy clean up.

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We didn't have anything special on Sunday but I made strawberry shortcake using the recipe for 7 Up Biscuits...adding just a little bit of sugar to the recipe for short cake. Was really good....the biscuits were fluffy but tasted like shortbread. I don't think I will ever make strawberry shortcake any other way now.

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patti is off visiting and will be back Tuesday for her usual thread.

caroline, don't you love coutry lo boils? I do that every year for my birthday along with grandson's.

I do the newspaper for the tablecloth and roll everything up in it that is disposable. How easy can that get.

I made 7 up biscuits the other Sunday, except it was with club soda.

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