Cat pooping on floor and then barfing on top of it?!

keipper89April 27, 2011

We got our cat about 4 months ago right after my husband and I got married. After about a month she threw up in the kitchen. Since then she regularly throws up on the carpet. My husband is getting really annoyed (he's never owned a cat before and only let me get this one because he knows how much I love cats, and animals in general), and I'm afraid he'll want to get rid of her soon due to a recent event where she pooped on the carpet and then barfed directly on top of it. I was recently laid off so we would have to pull from savings to take her to the vet (which I think could push my husband over the edge with her). I don't know what to do anymore. Help?

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If she's regularly throwing up, it should be checked out by a vet. It could be hairballs, her food, something she's been eating (but shouldn't), an obstruction, or a medical issue that needs treatment.....

Find out if your vet will work with you with regards to payment (payment plan?). If he/she won't, you might want to find one who will.

Good luck!

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If your cat is acting healthy I would first change her food and look for anything in the house she's nibbling on, especially house plants. Is she strictly an indoor cat?
Also explain to your DH that the cat could be sick and vomiting is not something she's doing by choice.

Last month my dog started vomiting every day but after switching to another quality brand, he hasn't thrown up since. Pets just can't tolerate certain foods!

Try to feed your cat the best food you can buy.

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What are you feeding your cat? Where did you get your cat from? How long have you had your cat? Does your cat have access to the outdoors or is it an indoor cat? Is the poop runny or it is solid? Is the puke undigested cat food, full of fur or what? Has your cat had all of its shots?

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Constant vomiting is a symptom of a medical problem. Cats don't want to puke, just like we don't.

Get her to the vet, or rehome her if you can't afford it. Not fair or kind to the cat to not be taken care of if it's sick.

Also, reconsider getting an animal if you can't take care of its medical needs. Animals get sick, and they need us to care for them.

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I agree with others above. You have had her for 4 months and she has been vomiting regularly for 3 of those, it's not normal and she needs to see a vet. Tell your husband there is no point in getting angry at an animal for being sick, just like you wouldn't get angry at a child for vomiting you would try to find out what is making them sick

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Hve her kidneys checked.

That could be a sign of CRF.

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Your cat does need to see a vet. Often though it is caused by food allergies..It would help if you could tell use what brand of food you are feeding. Wet Dry or both?
changing to a high qua
lity dry food with no grains would help.

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