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bspoffordJuly 22, 2008

Hi, new here as I am usually over on the garden forum for African violets. Some of us do/want to do closeup photos of our plants. My question is this: is there some type of a cable hookup that can go from your digital camera to your computer so that what you see in the camera viewscreen is also seen at the same time on your computer monitor?

With the small size of the viewscreen, it's difficult to critique composition until after it's loaded into the pc.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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from my experience you usually have to have a program to import from...I have been inporting from lets you view your pics bigger and if you don't want to import you exclude it or not import at all...but you can see nicely-the photos if you want to import or exclude from downloading on to computer with the usb. and on my nikon it does not display on camera screen at the same time but on my p&s Olympus it does. Hope this helps.


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I am not aware of any non-professional camera that has this feature. It is a common feature in pro cameras in studios.

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