What is Your Favorite Trim Color and Sheen (Sherwin Williams)

boystownMarch 1, 2011

My trim needs to be cleaned up and repainted. Just curious what is your favorite SW trim color and sheen. I will be doing my crown molding, french door and island. Is it okay to paint all of these items the same color? I have a lot of earthtones in my house. Thanks a bunch

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My trim and cabinets are all SW dover white. I like it, but have not tried any other colors so I don't have anything to compare it to--it was the trim color that our painter picked years ago, so that is what I have continued to use.

I like semi gloss trim.

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I had thought about Dover White. Does it look real snowy white to you or is it a little creamy as well? Thanks

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We've always used semi-gloss for trim. When we did the addition the painter suggested satin for the trim. I never gave it much thought until this past week when the trim in the old hallway was repainted with semi-gloss. I think I really like the satin finish much better.

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Another Dover White user. My parents were interior decorators/painters and always used Dover White. I think its a creamy color not a bright white. We always use semi-gloss and oil base on trim.

I replaced some trim recently and used latex and was not happy at all with the way it turned out. I plan to re-do it soon.

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Dover White is just a tiny bit creamy--the SW staff said it has some yellow in it. But, I think its more white than cream. It's def not a stark white and def not really off white or yellow cream.

I have it with SW clary sage and SW basket beige walls.

The dover white cabinets abutt some beams that are painted bright white and you can see the difference in color there--the dover white looks more cream against the bright white. But when just viewed on its own--a creamy white.

Here is a pic of a cabinet I just painted with the Dover White, in front of window trim that is also dover white. However, it's hard to really tell the nuances of the white from a pic (taken at night with flash) From organize From organize

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I am in the process of painting my previously varnished wood trim over in SW Alabaster. It's one of their most popular whites, and so far seems to go really well with everything. I have medium dark oak floors and BM Truffle, Saybrook Sage & Raspberry Truffle on my walls so far. It's definitely not a stark white, but white enough if that makes sense. Matches nicely with the white switch plates. I've only used semigloss for trim so can't comment too much on that.

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I couldn't find a SW shade that I was totally in love with, so I mixed several white/off white paints I had and created a custom color of my own - it's a wonderful, creamy shade.

For trim and cabinets, I like semi-gloss paint.

For wall paint, I'm in the minority and LOVE flat paint. I just love the warmth of it and the fact that it isn't shiny and doesn't play up wall texture. I just repainted our bathroom in satin and I don't like it at all, but it was a compromise because DH isn't comfy with flat paint.

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I used SW Antique White in ProClassic semi-gloss on all windows, doors, baseboards, moldings, and columns. It's definitely a soft off-white color, but it looks white against my dark wood floors.

We used creamy on the ceilings, which is a shade or so brighter, and I really like it.

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I love Antique White in Semi-gloss.

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So much help here. I seem to like each one--leaning toward Dover or Alabaster. Thanks to you all.

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laura mcleod

SW Dover white - semi-gloss for trim. It is the trim for my entire house and also just did the kitchen cabinets in the same color. It is a mellow white, clear but not too creamy or too stark - love it.

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I've use both Dover White and Alabaster. Dover White is definitely the "wamer" of the two as you can see in this picture (Alabaster on left, Dover White on right), but as a previous poster said, it reads white more than cream. I would go with Dover White if you have mostly warm colors; it's a really pretty white. Alabaster, however,is a more flexible between warm and cool colors.

Here's a picture of Dover White in a past house:

Another Dover White in a remodeling project:

Alabaster in my daughter's room:

Alabaster in my kitchen (not the best picture, but I wanted to show an example where it works with warm woods even though it's a brighter white):

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Another fan of Dover White, here, too.

We are doing our master bath soon, and I was thinking it might be just a touch too creamy for the color scheme I am planning. It looks like Alabaster might be a good choice. (Thanks, mom2reese, for your side by side comparison!)
Now just to decide if I want a different trim color in only one room...

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Gg, you don't necessarily need to use white, if you're thinking that's your only option. I built 2 years ago, and decided white trim seemed too 'colonial' for the look I was going for. I have a very traditional home, but white trim just wasn't going to 'do it' for me, and stained was just too much, too dark.

I chose a warm medium tan for all the walls, and the trim/door a color 3 shades darker~IMO, it looks awesome, and i've had many compliments. I can't give you details since I was told the paint was mfg. here in austin, and there are no labels on the cans. If you want any more info, I might be able to find colors on a chart that would be very close. ;o)

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Gg, in looking at the SW chart, Kilm Beige looks close to the wall color, and Hopsack looks close to the trim. I would have to see the colors IRL, but they look to have a warm hue, no black or no red undertones. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: color samples..

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Mom2reese - What is the name of the granite on your countertops? Looks very pretty. I hope to one day redo my kitchen.

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I am going with Dover White. Thanks for all of your suggestions and pics. Mom2reese, your home is beautiful, thanks for the pictures. My cabinets are very similar in color to yours. Love your countertops, I went with a dark countertop and I am kicking myself every day.

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ginger25 - the granite is

On the lower part of the island, I used Silestone in Tigris Sand.

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Mom2reese, what is the wall color in the picture of older house and your current kitchen with dark cabinets and alabaster trim?

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As for sheen, we just recently painted our entire downstairs and upstairs hallway with Sherwin Williams paint --
The wall paint was a cashmere finish. Much nicer than eggshell, imo.

The trim was semi-gloss. I'm not sure the white - it was a mix our painter has used before.

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You didn't mention the wall color.

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We recently painted our 2nd floor trim and staircase SW creamy and planning on doing the kitchen cabinets in same color. When deciding we were also considered Dover White, but Creamy looked better when we sampled against the floor we will go for the whole house.

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We used Alabaster in our home. The SW staff person looked back at the history of colors that we had chosen and recommended Alabaster for us. I'm quite happy with the trim color. We purchased the Pro-Classic latex paint. I loved it but the painters hated it because it's somewhat of a thicker paint.

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We previously always used Dover White semi-gloss for trim, but after having just used BM Satin Impervo (waterborne) in White Dove I'll never go back.

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