I 'm itching all over !

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7April 1, 2010

I think it's scabies...whatever it is is horrible. Like chiggers all over my arms and back. But from google it looks like scabies. It's not chiggers.

Can anyone tell me about this? So my dogs pick up mites...the frontline plus won't let the mites harbor on them but when I snuggle with the dogs the mites jump on me?

Can I make sure this never happens again? And that the mites are all gone from them?

Do we need a trip to the vet?

Do I need to start taking frontline plus? I wish.

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I feel for you.I had something on my legs(rash)a few months back that I felt I had gotten from a dog I kept a short while.I had given her a bath and held her between my legs and the next day I had the most intense itching and a rash.I used that antifungal spray(tinactin) for atheletes foot(suggested here by a member)it cleared up in about a week.On another note my pups from the stray dog may have mites(scabies)the vet says but it hasn't spread to the other pups nor us.Vet said to wash their bedding in bleach or throw it away.The skin scrapings didn't show any mites but they are being treated for them anyway.Good luck.Debbie

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Mites have to have oxygen, so if you cover them up, they suffocate.

You can use a heavy oily salve or lotion, & a medicated product would help the itching.

Tinactin works great on ringworm, bet it would work on mites.

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I have been there. We were afraid we had bedbugs for a while. Frontline Plus got rid of it on our cats so far (two months), but they are indoor cats. The root of the problem is that we have squirrels with cheyletiella or mange in the yard. Heavy duty insecticide out there might kill it- I haven't been able to find anything definite out. Heartguard (Ivermectin) will clear it up on the dog, whatever it is, though.

We used Boric Acid (AKA 20 Mule Team Borax) in the laundry, and dissolved a half cup in 32 ounces of water and gave the walls and mattress a really good spray. I'm not sure what worked- the Frontline or the Boric acid- but we are rid of them for right now. I'm not sure what we'll do in the summer- probably just poison the yard.

Unfortunately, you're going to itch like hell for about two weeks per bite if your experience is like mine. Your doctor can give you Ivermectin as well.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I had a flea once in the bed and thought for weeks I had bedbugs. My husband thought I was nuts. But better than bedbugs!

Ok...heavy anti itch cream for now, both dogs are on Tri heart - a generic Heartguard, they are not scratching, I don't think the mites attached themselves but jumped on me
instead. I hope.
I don't want this to ever happen again but there is nothing I can do to the yard, we have acres, some wooded and they spend HOURS digging for things under fallen logs.

I truly appreciate ALL advice here and will do it except the bleach. They have nice orvis beds and I'm not bleaching the covers. I also use Borax regularly for rags so I do have that on hand.
Could not get to this today because of work but tomorrow is laundry day big time and doggies get another bath.

The stuffing inside the beds? What do you think? Replace? It's a drag big time if I have to do that. Some of their beds are new.

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If you can't wash them, I would make up the boric acid solution and give them a good soaking in the actual stuffing. I did that to our mattress pad (it's 4" memory foam, not something that would fit in the washer). We had already encased the mattress in plastic or I would have done that too.

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Can you freeze them? When DS had scabies as a toddler we were told to put all his non-washable stuffed animals in the freezer for a few days.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I don't think I can. They have 6 beds and my freezer is full.
I have washed the bedding and them.
They are on Tri heart and frontline Plus.

Aren't the mites dying because they don't have a host?

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According to e-how they can live up to 3 days without a host. It also says you can store bedding in an airtight bag for 72 hours if washing in hot water and drying is not an option.

Here is a link that might be useful: E-How

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Chemical insecticides kill insects, but mites are not insects.

Acaricides kill mites and spiders.

Some kinds of oils and soaps will help get rid of all of the above.

Are you sure this is scabies and not hives from an allergic reaction? Caladryl lotion may help the itching some, especially if it's hives, but if I were you I'd go to the doctor right away.

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You might try neem oil. Last year my dogs became infested with fleas, tics, and mites. It was a bad year all around our neighborhood. Anyway I happened upon neem oil, which you can get at Lowe's and HD in the garden section.

If you wiki it you'll see neem has been used for hundreds of years for all kinds of human and animal ailments. Last year I bathed myself and the dogs with neem oil added to baby shampoo and it worked well with no ill effects. Now I use neem instead of pyrethrin flea dips; neem is a lot less expensive, and it's supposed to be good for the skin.

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