thickness of cabinet doors/drawers

quiltgirlFebruary 2, 2013

Does anyone have cabinet drawers or doors that are a full one inch thick? On a five piece inset drawer do you think the look is noticeable between a 3/4 inch and a 1 inch drawer front? I have asked for a price on one inch thick drawers but my Mennonite guy appears reluctant to even price it. I know it probably is not the norm, but am curious none the less.

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Mine are more than 3/4" and less than 1". They look fine to me. I'm not sure what else to tell you!

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Many mid to hi end brands offer 1" doors. I have them in Quality Custom Cabinetry, Mountaineer, Kropp, and RichMaid, can think of at least a dozen more that have them.
The look for insets has more to do with the door style. I'm putting in a display with 1" doors in QCCI only because the framing bead looks better with a 1" than it does with a 3/4"
First pic below.

Some brands (hi end) also offer 1" frames (standard for inset in QCCI) Where that shows the best is if the door is held back from the face frame a little- often with an extra edge detail around the opening. This is usually only done for a feature section or cabinet- can get busy for an entire kitchen. Second pic below- 1" thick door, inset with cove detail on edge--definitely NOT shaker :)

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Maybe I am missing something.... but on an inset drawer, how could you even tell what the thickness was (unless you opened the drawer)?

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Only by the framing bead,i.e.on the white door above the cove would be shallower and narrower if the door were 3/4

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Sophie Wheeler

If you like paying for complete overkill, go ahead. It has zero to do with actual functionality. It IS a fabulous look though. Most people would rather put that money to doing all drawers in the kitchen. Or, if you're one of the lucky few that can do the 100K+ kitchen remodel with the 1" thick with drawers and all of the bells and whistles without having to worry about the choices, then don't sweat it at all and proceed. That's not most of us though, and we probably want to live vicariously through your remodel. :P

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jakuval, what is the upcharge to go from 3/4" drawer to full 1" drawer? Is the difference between the cove for a 1" vs. a 3/4" drawer really all that noticeable?

Hollysprings, no living vicariously through my kitchen! My kitchen budget does not come close to $100 grand! However, my cabinets are being made by a Mennonite man and my laundry was done by the Amish. The price quotes are very good. I am going to try getting a quote from him just for fun, although the idea of 1" doors to him was foreign. He did not seem warm to the idea at all.

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