What's for dinner Monday?

patti43March 4, 2013

I forgot Harry had an appointment to get his hearing aids fixed this afternoon. Thankfully, it was at the Ocala VA. Finally, I don't have to repeat myself 50 times in order for him to hear me. We had some other errands to run so got home late.

So dinner was either leftovers of whatever we wanted or Marie Callander pot pies. Marie won! Easy night for me, for which I'm more than grateful.

What's for dinner at your house?

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Easy night for me, too. I have Mexican train here tonight so didn't want to mess up the kitchen. I gave DH a choice of either spaghetti with meat sauce or Manhattan clam chowder. Both of which are frozen in zip lock bags and will give me enough for tomorrow night too. I don't want to mess up the kitchen tomorrow night either since we're leaving the next morning. DH opted for the clam chowder. I just have to stick it in the microwave.

Patti, your story reminded me of my friend. She never puts her hearing aids in their case and she lost them both! For several weeks she's been pretending that she is engrossed in a book and didn't hear what hubby had to say because she doesn't want him to know she lost them. She finally ordered another set and gave the doctor's office her cell phone # so they won't be calling her home and leaving a message that DH might hear. LOL The games we play to keep the peace!

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Yoga tonight~~~so DH will call in our take out orders at our new fav italian restaurant and I will pic up;)

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Digging in the freezer again....maybe stuffed peppers. There they were, just asking to be eaten. I was going to make potato soup, using O'Brian hashbrowns, but they are in the garage freezer, and it's snowing like crazy, and blowing, so don't think I'll
venture tha 20 feet to get them. So peppers it is, and potato soup probably tomorrow night!

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Thank you, ladies! I'm feeling much better about those MC pot pies. :-)

Georgysmom, I can't tell you how many times Harry's lost one or the other of his. I've been able to find them so far, but I've been lucky. Those babies aren't cheap!!

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Mine was easy too. A leftover salmon patty, potato, and canned pork 'n beans.

A beautiful sunshiny day today, but cold. First the sun has been out since last Monday. But, alas, it's shortlived as another round of mixed precip, then snow is moving in tomorrow.


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We've been eating a lot of those easy dinners recently.

But tonight, I actually cooked. We had hamburgers (on English Muffins), crockpot mac and cheese, and homemade coleslaw.

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eh.....I threw some hotdogs in boiling water....had a rough day at work...where I cook...and didn't feel like cooking AGAIN when I got home.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I picked up some beautiful tuna steaks so those will get grilled and I will steam some broccoli to go with it and I made some home made Pico de Gallo too.

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Patti, about having to repeat yourself to your hearing-impaired DH - the situation is reversed in our house. I have trouble hearing my DH because he always mumbles when he speaks ! Or at least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it LOL!

Dinner tonight was very easy. Leftover quiche from DDIL since they went to the U.S. on a short shopping trip. Also had stir-fried grape tomatoes and sugar snap peas.

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We had short ribs cooked with carrots, mushrooms and onions along with mashed potatoes. Brownies for dessert. Happily for me, hubby made it all. I spent the day taking care of my mother, sister and their things. Niece's basketball team made it to the 1st level of state championships so we have a road trip tomorrow.

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Whew, it must be the stage of the moon or something, since so many are eating "pre-cooked" meals. It's good to use what we have though.

Phyllis, according to tonight's news, looks like you'd better trudge through that snow and FAST to get those hashbrowns! I sure hope you don't get what they're predicting or you'll be shoveling until June!

Aw, Azzalea, you broke the spell!! Hope you have enough leftover for tomorrow ;-)

Stacey, I used to think it was my fault until he had his hearing test. By that time I was used to talking so loud you could hear me in the next county!!

Pam, good luck to your niece's BB team!

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It's snowing, we're in for the night.

Bratwurst on buns, rice with butter and cooked carrots.

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Bagel with scallion cream cheese,tea and blueberries.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Roast chicken, brocc., and sweet potatoes.

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dh 's bday so made baked p's and chip beef in a sauce, veggie and pineapple upside down...his fave!

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