Which memory card/stick to use?

prairiemoon2 z6 MAJuly 31, 2007


I have a Canon A630 and have used up two 2GB memory cards already. I bought them back at Christmas time for $19.99 and wow the price has gone up. I saw them for $40. recently. I am thinking of buying more 2GB cards and just keep storing my pics on them. On the other hand, I could buy a larger memory stick, take the pics off the computer and store it on that and reuse my 2GB memory cards.

At any rate, I was looking for a sale and this week they have them for $19.99 for 2GB but they are not the name brand I bought at Christmas. I got SanDisk before but now what is on sale is...PNY @ $19.99, SimpleTech @ $17.99, and Lexar for $30. I also saw a Verbatim Store 'n' Go for $35. that was a 4GB USB 2.0 drive.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences about any of these choices?




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That sounds like an expensive way to store photos. I've never heard of anyone doing it, although it might be quite common for all I know.

The DPReview website has a good forum that deals with storage and media. They talk about brands all the time. I'll link the forum below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Storage and Media Forum

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I wouldn't recommend using the cards as your storage - they can and do fail. I load my pictures on my computer - back them up on an external hard drive, and back up to DVD twice a year. Redundant, I know - but it works for me! :)

I really would not recommend using your camera card as your only storage device - or as a storage device at all.

Plus - I can use a 2G card or more at one event! I do shoot some video with my camera - so that can really eat up the space on a card.

I really haven't found a whole lot of difference in the brand of the card - all mine work equally well.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Susan...I am sorry I don't remember seeing a response to my post in my inbox...sorry! Thanks for your help. I am familiar with the DPReviews site and I forgot I could ask there. Duh!

iowagirl...thanks, I wasn't aware that they fail. Can you create a DVD on a CD burner or do you have to have special equipment? I don't have an external hard drive either.

Well...I guess I have a little more homework to do on this subject.


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You can find some external hard drive fairly cheap nowadays. We have a 40 GB one and use it to store our photos. I think you can find them on sale for $40 or so. Might be worth considering. Instead of burning DVDs you can also just burn photo CDs. They work great as a backup for good photos.

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I use a Vosonic portable storage & media device. The device without a hard drive is $99-$400 depends on the model. A 2.5" hard drive (laptop size) of your choice can be installed quite easily. When it's fulled, pop it out and change to a new one.

I have one with 60GB and a later model with 40GB. I store not only photo but also music. Since it uses USB connections, I used it for computer back up as well.

It is like an external hard drive but what so nice about one of these is that it allows any type of memory card to be downloaded and it fits in my purse! I wouldn't need to bring my laptop with me on trips.

On my brother's wedding trip to California, many of my relatives also brought their cameras. I was able to download their photos into the device and had a collection of photos that otherwise, I wouldn't be able to have.

The device costs a bit more than 1 or 2 memory cards but it's cheaper than purchasing several memory cards.

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