Show Off Your Clever IKEA Modifications

aloha2009February 9, 2013

I thought it would be fun to see what kind of modifications you've been able to produce from the the basic IKEA line.

Even if you got the result you wanted, in retrospect was it worth the time and effort for the end result?

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I'll chime in. I was always able to get better feedback on GW than on the ikea fans site. I love our ikea kitchen. We modified A LOT. Mostly because its easy to experiment and to change your mind with ikea. I have toyed with 3 different layouts, and have changed out doors more times than I can count.
In the end we did spend more than anticipated because of the changes but I couldn't be happier. In my opinion the thousands we saved by going with Ikea and the ease of installation made it all worth it.

The kitchen staff at the ikea store CAN be really helpful. This is my favorite easy modification. 37" corner cabinet. We added some cover panel and a shelf on one side, and only used one door on the other.

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twn85, you're such a tease! I'd love to see more photos of your kitchen.

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We did my office area over with Ikea "built ins". Live in a condo so my "office" is a space opened up to the living areas. It was always a mess. No storage and the closet (only one on the first floor) was also a mess. We added some much needed office storage and made it look so much neater all for under $200:
BEFORE, clutter:


New sight line from Living space:

We also added Ikea wall cabinets to our 1/2 bath/laundry room right off our kitchen. They fit perfectly and match fairly well and give us some much storage for paper goods and less used kitchen stuff. We can also keep our unsafe cleaning products up there away from the kids:

View from the kitchen with door opened:

We love Ikea, luckily we live close enough!

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Ratrem, what is your countertop in that last pic? That looks so nice!

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It's Taj Mahal, that little corner piece had a lot of rust spots in it and movement more so than the rest of the slab.

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Oh, I can't wait to join in on this thread.

I love:
- my appliance garage!!!
- 5 toekick drawers under my "hutch" - looks like molding.
- hutch/desk w/ filing storage
- my mudroom/TV components storage

and the usual:
- pull-out trash under sink and eye-vac
- drawer under cooktop
- fridge cab pulled out flush w/ standard-depth fridge
- drawer under WO (storage for Advantium apparatus)
- upper molding using deco strip and plinth

- pull-out knife rack (make best use of 7" filler space)
- cutting board storage (make best use of 4" filler space)
- sink drawer tilt-out

I LOVE Ikea for the interchangeable parts, etc.
It's like Lego; I can make whatever I can design/find example online.

My friend who's a realtor just stopped by today. She noted how much more value I added to my home, mainly because of the mudroom area. I live in NEngland; a mudroom is a must!!!

Yes, I would do it all again.

I may not do it w/ the 20% off craziness (I had to order so many many pieces/components all at once; I over ordered, didn't order enough of these, too much of this, etc, and lots of trips to return, etc.


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