Getting Discovered?

VincentVJuly 8, 2011

I've really enjoyed reading the topics over the years and at the same time I've been exploring my passion for photography.

I am not classically trained as an artist or photographer. I am self taught and have learned a lot from forums such as this.

Is there anyone out there that had experience with taking the step of reaching out to galleries or attempting to get "discovered?" Is anyone thinking about it?


Vincent Valle

Naples, FL

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Discovered by whom? Some arts angel with deep pockets who will offer to fund your show? Slim chances of that, I would think.

When I started working as a newspaper reporter/photographer in the late 1990s, I could take pictures at an event without anyone getting in my way. By the time I got out of the business a decade later, I was constantly surrounded by people flashing away, digital cameras held at arm's length. The advent of digital photography has increased dramatically the number of people who consider themselves serious amateur-bordering-on-professional photographers. Not all of them are very good, but they make for a crowded field.

If by "reaching out to galleries" you mean approaching venues about exhibiting your photos, I did that with our county library a few years ago. From there, two other spaces invited me to exhibit. Last year I had three shows, but although I sold eight pieces (and two since then) I've decided I can't afford to do it again, at least not now. Printing and framing is expensive, and a lot of work. This year I had one very small show, and was more than satisfied with that.

However, I would like to show my dad's photos from the 1940s at some point.

So what's your plan, Vincent?

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