Top ten tips to chuckling chicks

johnmac09April 23, 2011

Hi... I've had my flock of chickens for three years and they really are entertaining. About the best and easiest to keep pets you can.

I've knocked up a light hearted guide to buying and keeping chickens and tackling common problems, including photos. If you keep chickens and think I've missed anything please let me know. You can read the guide at the link below.

Thanks, John

Here is a link that might be useful: An English Allotment Garden: Top ten tips to chuckling chicks

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Very cute John! I could tell you were English right off! LOL
@"It just fell out me bum"!

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I read the whole thing and found it very interesting. It was a dream of mine to have about three chicken as pets. I eat eggs every day and love animals. But I have two dogs, one a Dachshund and am not sure how this would work. Your coop was very impressive.

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Ohmygosh.........that was entertaining. I keep a flock on my smallholding. I'm down to about twenty now from the hundred I used to run. My friends sometimes call me Mrs. Tweedy from the cartoon movie "Chicken Run". Don't know what I'd do if the roosters didn't wake me up in the morning. One can almost set their clocks by it. My birds do moult in winter, poor things. But I have firmly promised myself I won't knit them hoodies.

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