Canon Powershot S2 IS... Change Batteries

gardengal106 Roses and Gardening In GeneralJuly 18, 2013

Wondering if anyone has this camera, with the problem of change the batteries light coming on way to frequent. It just start happening when the camera was about 3-4 yrs. old. I changed the small date battery, but that didn't do it. I have also wiggled the the battery teminals and pulled them up so they would maybe get a better contact.
Thanks in advance if someone can give me something to try.

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Might be a bad battery. Does it do it with other batteries?


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gardengal106 Roses and Gardening In General

All batteries....they start it and take maybe ten pics then goes to change batteries. Just don't understand what is happening. Happens with both regular batteries and my 5 sets of rechargables.

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Can you keep taking pictures, or are the batteries really drained?

Sounds like you have something using more power than it should be, or the 'Change Batteries' display is lighting up for no reason.

When you put fresh batteries in the camera, then turn it on and leave it on, does the change battery light come on, or does it only happen after taking pictures?


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Try cleaning the contacts. Do the batteries still work after that in a different device or are they really drained?

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Canon has a wonderful repair solution if you need it. I bought 3 new digital cameras when it quit working and hated all 3. I was going to contact Canon to see what camera would be comparable to my Power Shot S2 IS when I noticed a repair to click on. They said it would cost $79. to repair it and that would include a year's extended warranty. I sent my camera in and it was such a minor thing they didn't charge anything except shipping.

I have to take the batteries out or they run down whether I am using it or not. I have forgotten what I had turned off to prevent that.

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I have a Canon Powershot S2 IS and there is a problem with the batteries. This camera uses NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargables. This type of cell is notorious about self-discharging. Manufacturer's literature may state that these loose 10% of charge per month and a recharge life of 500 times. My experience has been worse. I find that after the first 2 to 3 charge cycles, the cells have lost capacity and the self discharge rate is more like 10% per week. As a result, I carry several sets of cells and charge these before I go out on a shoot. When on a trip, I carry a small charger in the camera bag and each night, I freshen the charge in at at least 2 set of cells for the next day.

I find that regular NiMH cells deterioate too quicky for my use. I found a solution at Batteries Plus. They sell a hybrid NiMH that is superior to holding charge compared to the regular versions. This cell is not perfect, but the improvement is very good. These cells are pricey but I think the improvement is worth it.

However, in your case, there may have been a problem with the battery indicator in your camera as well. I mention the NiMH problem because I think that may have been part of the problem as well.

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