Morning photo outing

troutwindJuly 25, 2010

Beaver lodge with a bever in front

Beaver a little closer, maxed out my 300mm zoom

The Hiwassee River above Calhoun, TN. liked the reflection

Another View of the Hiwassee

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You can't go wrong with a good reflection shot.

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Nice tree reflections-humorous at the same time-there's more of a blue sky in the reflection than in the sky.

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Reflection shots are seemingly easy but not actually, at least not for me. Someday I'll get the exposure right to show the sky both real and reflection.

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That would be tough trying to get right exposure of the sky or reflection. as it is 2 different. From doing it myself its one or the other, but with landscapes mostly. There are filters that help to meter the scene better. A Circular Polarizer or Graduated Neutral Density. I have both and there are all kinds of them for different situations. The CP is on my lens all the time but I haven't really had the opportunity to shoot a scene like yours. Its like broken up around here where I live. I love reflections and you have caught them well.

and if I have said it wrong, someone please correct me. I'm still learning.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basic Polarizer n Graduated filter info

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