dog and yogurt????

bigshoes213April 30, 2008

My dog has stomach problems. He will start to throw up for a couple of days then he gets taken to the vet and they give him medicine then he is fine for a week then it happens again over and over. The vet is not sure why he does this and thinks yogurt may help. My question is how much and how often? I am having trouble with exact quantities. So far I have been giving him 4 oz in the morning and evening with his medicine (Flagyl). He absolutely loves yogurt but is there a such thing as too much for a dog. Thanks

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You may want to explore different foods as it very well could be a food ingredient intolerance. I'd start off with an easily digested food with limited ingredients and see how the dog does. California Natural is a good food to try elimination diet trials.

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My first thought is, at least your vet is being hones with you. Aside from that, I think you need to find a different one.

I agree that the food you are giving your dog may be the problem, if, all other issues have been ruled out. A quality hypo allergic food may solve the problem.

I don't know if you can give to much yogurt, it may have a negative effect on the lower GI. I give all three of my dogs about two table spoons of cottage cheese with dinner. They love it, and it keeps their stomach calm.


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I too would look at the food, particularly its ingredients and change your dog food to one that has different ingredients.

You may want to do a forum search on dog food. There have been some past threads about premium foods on this site that are very informative.

As for the yogurt, some yogurts have a lot of sugar in them... make sure you get the "natural" yogurt with no sugar added.

I've heard of people giving their dogs an occasional yogurt to help with the digestive system, particularly when switching to a raw food diet. I haven't tried that myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: one of many past threads on dog food

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I have some questions....when is your dog throwing up, in the morning?? or at night??? How long after eating the last meal is your dog throwing up and is the throw up food or a foamy yellow looking stuff?

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flagyl (Metronidazole) is an antibiotic and antiprotozoal medication. It is used to treat diarrheal diseases, certain bacterial infections, Giardia infections, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
I don't think the vet suggested yogurt to fix any of these conditions but rather it is common to add yogurt to a diet while on this medicine as well as when experiencing loose stools. It helps replace the good bacteria. I am also assumming these tests, or at least some of them were done which is why I suggested switching foods. It is extremely common when other tests come back negative that food may be the culprit, but I agrree with Spirit that other things should be ruled out first. However I wouldn't go so far as to suggest getting another vet until I know what the vet has tested for. If you could share any of that information it could help us help you. Hope that helps...LOL

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The vet said that metronidazole is a fix all for stomach problems basically. For the past 4 weeks he was being treated for heartworms and the week before that we was running a high fever and throwing up the yellow foamy stuff. The vet gave him metronidazole and prednisone and kept him over night. Then heartworm treatment started the next week when he was feeling better. A few days later he is throwing up again the yellow foaming stuff and running a fever and the injection site was very tender. Then they put him on metronidazole again and prednisone. The next week he is fine and over the weekend he started throwing up again but it was undigested food instead. He did this 3 times one each day a little after eating at night. So we took him back to the vet and he had a mild fever and they put him back on metronidazole. I also should mention that this dog will pick up anything off the ground and swallow it whole. Needless to say I found out the hard way that pumpkin is a laxative for dogs! They just said that the yogurt may help get his stomach back settled. I feed my dogs purina one lamb and rice. Thanks for everyones input. Any info will be appreciated.

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Then heartworm treatment started the next week when he was feeling better. A few days later he is throwing up again the yellow foaming stuff and running a fever and the injection site was very tender.

These are all very common problems associated with heartworm treatment so I'm confused as to why your vet said he didn't know why the dog was having these symptoms. Sorry I don't know what to do to help ease the side effects of heartworm treatment, but now that you have been more clear maybe someone else reading can answer this better for you.

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Big shoes, to stop your pup from picking up and or eating anything unwanted and putting itself in harms way, the second you see something unwanted go in, ask your dog to drop it, and then dose your dogs tongue with a small bit of toothpaste or tobasco sauce. I do this with every puppy I get, because a neighbors dog got poisoned when I was young and this beloved neighborhood dog almost died. I vowed right then and there my dog would never suffer the same fate. A week of dosing your dog may help it to learn not to pick up anything - especially outside the home. Even tho it says not to swallow toothpaste, the amount ou are giving your dog will not harm it. If you feel uncomfortable with toothpaste, try a small bottle of tobasco sauce, they come very small, easily enough to carry around with you while you are walking your dog. PS - dont forget to us a verbal reprimand to leave it, if you see your dog being too interested in something lying on the ground. Good luck, hope your pup gets better soon.

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I had a problem with my pup (Rottweiler German shepherd) throwing up the yellow foamy stuff every morning when she was only a few months old. No one knew what would help. To me it looked like bile so before I had my breakefest every morning I would give her a small bowl of milk about a cup or so. That fixed the problem immediately. I think that she was weened of her mothers milk too quickly so when she got hungry she started produceing bile to breake down the milk she was used to getting when hungry... Pavlov's experiments.

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Wow, some of this advice is really nuts!

I would suggest trying a different food, preferably something higher quality and with less fillers. It sounds like your dog is not digesting his food properly, which is why it keeps coming back each time. The medication is just the band-aid, it's fixing the symptoms but not the root cause.

I would suggest either a natural yogurt (no Danone or Beatrice stuff!) or kefir, no sugar or flavouring.

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