kitty bathroom closet - how to throughly clean?

PoorOwnerApril 4, 2010

I have a small 2'x2' closet with a door, I put a cat door and dedicated to host the litter box for a few years now.

I recently changed my mind about the whole thing because how much space I am wasting, and decided to build another box, (e.g I want to reclaim the space for storing human stuff!) However, the inside smells aweful and very dusty.

I plan to seal the floor, drywall and everything with primer again. after through cleaning first. The floor is plywood subfloor and I am not sure any waste was soaked in there, it just smells bad.

Would just bleach and nature's miracle get everything sanitized again? Also have a steam cleaner ready at my disposal.

I know it sounds quite bad.. any cleaning tips or primer/sealer recommendation is appreciated.

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After cleaning it well, you might consider painting ALL surfaces with BIN (or KILZ) sealer shellac (primer?). We painted BIN on all the musty studs and beams in our downstairs to lock-in/out the musty smell.

Good luck!

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