new flea med?

lily316April 4, 2008

I recently saw an ad touting a new flea prevention. I forget the name and don't know anything about it except I think it's topical like Frontline. Anyone know what I mean and has anyone tried it?

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The topical products I know of are

Frontline TopSpot

None of them are new though.

There is a new oral medication called Comfortis. Here's there site. Sorry I haven't seen any commercials; I have Tivo and I'm not afraid to use it LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Comfortis

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No, none of these are the one. I've heard of all these and always get Frontline Plus..You can see I don't pay attention to commercials but I think it has a cat and dog watching a flea circus..Anyone else?

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Ya, I seem to recall a commercial for anew flea product, but dont pay much attention to it,lol I believe I have heard it on the radio! Sorry not much help

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I think you are probably referring to a product called Advocate.
It is set to take the place of frontline and yes it is a spot on BUT it deals with fleas and internal parasites!!
Excellent idea cos i only get mauled once now!!!
Hope this helps.

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Oh, I remember now. It was going to be called Advantage Multi (or maybe it is called that). It does *NOTHING* to control ticks so it totally slipped right out of my brain (I need tick control).

ALso it is the same medication (moxidectin) that was in Proheart 6, and Advocate is also absorbed systemically, so while the problem with ProHeart was supposedly the delivery system, I'd wait and see if this stuff also kill dogs before using it on my own pets.

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I've had little success with flea prevention last summer. I usually need water proof so I went with Frontline plus which seemed to work the year before. Well, it just wasn't keeping them off. So I called Frontline found out since mine came from Australia it had different legal requirements that weren't approved in the US. I thought to myself that Aussie fleas would be tougher if anything and require stronger prevention.

Anyway, I broke down and got legit stuff from the states and had the same problems. I called Frontline who said they couldn't guarantee their product as long as I was exposing my dogs to the yard within 17 hours(how long it takes for frontline to guarantee to kill the fleas) b/c they were just picking up new fleas. I thought about quarantining my dogs 17 hours just b/c I thought that was BS, but I ended up reading of numerous complaints and calling the distributor. They said they also had many complaints and would send me the Frontline regular since that seemed to help and ticks aren't a huge issue in town. I never used it b/c it was already Sept. by this time and I just bought a flea comb and spray which worked better than the FLP ever did. I guess I'll try the regular this summer.

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We used to use Frontline with success, but noticed last summer that it wasn't working. I talked with the vet and he told us that after a while, the fleas build an immunity to one product. We switched to Advantix, and that's worked just great. We have a real problem with fleas in our region, so finding the right product was essential, since one of my Westies is highly allergic to fleas. You might consider switching brands. We live in the South and have to use treatment year-round.

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I saw the med in Cat Fancy at the library and it slipped my mind already..I usually use Frontline Plus. Do any of you have a favorite online place to buy?...I used one that never sent the product and then tried to get their money when I took it off the charge but didn't succeed. It came from Australia as I think most do. I always order 12 doses at a time.

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There are plenty of online sights. They just might not be as cheap as Aussie sites. Try Petmeds or Fosters and smiths.

Nanny2a: I understand fleas building tolerance, but you would think using a product just one summer with a 5 month gap for winter wouldn't be enough time. I didn't go for Advantix just b/c it has to be prescibed by a vet. I dislike my current vet and the one before her. I feel like they are car salesman feeding off my guilt of not being a good pet owner if I don't go through extensive annual exams and check ups. I use ivomec for worms, and administer my own shots and basically try to stay away from the vet when I can.

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It's called Promeris. I have not tried it yet, but I am sick of wasting my money on Frontline. I heard they reformulated it a while back and it does not work as well now. I want to try promeris though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Promeris

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Thanks, Ccoombs..I thought it was properis and couldn't get info on it. But that's it. I'll check it out since it's time to give first doses of the year.

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I was having a terrible problem with fleas and had tried every topical on the market and nothing worked. Within two days of using Frontline he had 50-60 fleas on him and was miserable (me too!). The vet recommended Comfortis, the new pill and WOW! After three weeks we are still completely flea free. I am so pleased -- and no side effects noted. My dog is happy and so am I. I often find dead fleas on the floor, but none on the dog. It really works!!!

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I think the flea med you`re looking for is called Promeris. I haven`t tried it. I use AdvocatePlus(now called Advantage Plus) on my 5 cats and 1 dog with great success!! Three of my animals stay outdoors and I live in south WI, where it gets very hot and humid in summer (lots of fleas and mosquitos). It does a LOT more than just kill fleas.
Here`s a list of what it does:
-kills and prevents fleas and flea larvae on the pet and in the pet`s surroundings,
-prevents heartworm,
-controls intestinal worms,
-controls both sarcoptic and demodectic MANGE,
-contols ear mites and lice and
-reduces Flea Allergy Dermatitis!!
Not only does it work great, but it`s pretty cheap too. A 3 month supply for cats is $27-$28 and for dogs it`s from $35-$44, depending on size of animal. I order mine from and get free shipping for a year. Hope this helps!

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Correction... the name of the stuff I use is Advocate (Advantage MULTI). I incorrectly said Advantage Plus. Also, to kill fleas and ticks in your yard ( and 63 other bugs), there`s a product called "Sevin-5 Bug Killer" by Garden Tech, aka "sevin`s Dust". It`s a fine powder that comes in a 5 lb. bag for about $7. It can be used on lawns, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, etc and you can even apply it directly to your pet. Home Depot carries it.
To kill fleas in your carpet, sprinkle it heavily with Borax powder( yes, the laundry stuff) and rub down into the fibers of the carpet.

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Just a heads up, there are some bad reactions being reported by folks who used this on their dogs. I would suggest waiting till this product is tested more before putting it on your dog - I never like to be the guinea pig.

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fleameds01, they specialize in Frontline PLUS for Dogs, Frontline PLUS for Cats, and K9 Advantix. Just save money on your pet's Flea Control needs. They are veterinary owned and are able to buy in large quantities directly from the manufacturer. This enables them to provide you with the lowest prices on the internet!

All their products are Registered from EPA and FDA Approved. They do not sell counterfeit or imported products like some other sites. You'll be satisfied with their low prices and fast service.

Here is a link that might be useful: : Best Prices on Flea Medication for Dogs and Cats

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