How do I remove beach tar on puppy?

natesgramApril 10, 2012

Trying to plan ahead. I have a 4 month old maltipoo fluff ball that we will be taking to a beach that I know has some tar. I will keep her on a leash at all times and do my best to avoid any tar but in the event she gets some, what is the best way to remove it that won't cause any problems on her hair/skin.

My google searches showed Goo Gone but that it also caused skin irritations, as well as some using olive/vegetable oil. Any personal experience?

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Mom always used to rub peanut butter in my hair when I fell asleep w/gum in my mouth. WHY did I do that so many times? Lol well it did work, took a minute to rub it in well.

A plus would be that the dog will lick her fur for days if you don't wash it off when you're done. If it were me, I'd use pb or oil then trim any that won't come out after a good bath to remove the oily stuff. Have fun at the beach!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

My dog got a piece of duct tape stuck on her foot as a pup. I found something on the internet, I think. It recommended using vegetable oil. It came right off and then I just washed her paw with soap and rinsed it.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Luckily I have all those in my pantry. Jomuir, I remember gum when I went to bed and waking with a sore jaw in the morning.

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Last week I used Avon Skin so Soft on a carpet to remove a spot of dried liquid nails. Took some rubbing but it came off leaving the rug intact. Years ago before flea meds came out I remember using it on our dogs, just lightly, to keep fleas away. As with anything though some dogs might be sensitive to it and others might not.

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BABY OIL!!! It works wonders, then wash it out with some diluted dawn dish soap. I wish we knew about this when we were younger, then we used lighter fluid. Get the cheap store brand. I guarantee it works, I had to do it almost every day when I was in California.

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