How do I train my adualt pomerainan he is just over a year old

tiger123542April 4, 2012

My dog zues just turned a year old last November iv had him since he was a puppy and he has always slept in my bed with me and is potty trained however he is never home alone because I live with my grandma and he has never been in a kennel but I am moving out next week and moving in with my boyfriend zues is of course coming with me but my boyfriend gets a new puppy a week after we move into our new house and zues will be left alone at home now because we both work my boyfriend is planning on crate training his dog and I believe it would be best if I started to get zues to go into crate training so I do not come home to a mess but iv tried putting him in a crate before and he barks and barks for hours on end and he will also go to the bathroom after being in there for any longer than a half hour and I know that the kennel is not to big obviously this is why we did not stick with the crate for more than a week I believe that zues thinks he is the alpha he will sit stay shake and jump up on command but will not come and will try to lead when we go for walls he also barks at everything and has trouble adjusting to a new dog for the first week he's not aggressive just scared of them if anyone has any tips on how I can try to correct done of this behavior please let me know especially if it helps make him more comfortable with the crate training or other dogs iv considered obeidieance training but the closest class is an hour and a half away live in a small town that does not offer these classes anywhere closer

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periods. are. your. friend.

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Typed it off my phone, still getting use to it.

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I would suggest you Google 'crate training' and follow the instructions. The key is to get your dog to accept the crate as a secure, safe place to be. If your initial steps at training him was to put him in the crate and close it, then that's where your problem lies.
Start by leaving the door open, make the crate comfy and then place food and treats & toys in the crate. Slowly work up to a point where you close the door for short periods and only open the door when he's calm and quiet.
Also exercise your dog and make sure he's gone potty before placing in a crate for any length of time.
What breed dog is your BF getting?

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He is getting a pit puppy. They will only be out of the crate when supervised and crates will be in separate rooms. I followed your advice and he seems to be getting more use to the kennel with the door open luckily we arnt moving for about 3 weeks.

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You can help your dog out by starting a routine similar to the one he will be having when you move. Take him out for a monring walk beofre you go to work. Encourage him to use the kennel by putting in a blanket and some treat filled toys. Leave the door open. When you walk your dog, first 5 minutes should be dedicated to bathroom business, the rest should be a brisk walk. About 15 minutes should do it. Have your dog sit and stay before you go out an door. While you are walking dont let your dog sniff and mark everything. just keep walking. This should be a time to get the muscles moving not to sniff and mark every blade of grass. This should help with your dogs attitude. You can also use traingin treats to help get him to come to you when called. There is another technique I use with people Im working with when their dogs dont want to listen. You will need a friend a park and an afternoon.
Walk your dog first thing when you get back from work, just as you would when you move into your new place. then again after dinner and before bed. Good luck

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Thank you I have started a routine. I hope this will be very helpful I'm already noticing he will go in his kennel to get his toys which is an improvement and he's also not trying to run ahead and mark his territory every 5 steps. Thank you for the help let me no of anyone thinks of anything else I should be doing(:

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get training books NOW!
A step by step book on Separation Anxiety is linked below (Dont Leave Me!).
It's separation anxiety you will be working on preventing, what is most likely to happen.
Even without a trainer in your area, many dog organizations have phone advice available.
You can try The Academy For Dog Training at the San Francisco SPCA
Also Tekla's K9 Academy in Ellicott City Maryland.

You might want to talk with your boyfriend too. See if he won't wait a few minutes (months) before bringing new puppy home. The puppy will need/deserves A TON of training.
See Ian Dunbar's book Before and After You Get Your Puppy on Amazon.
Also try his website Sirius Dog Training (training for puppies).
Lastly, you and your boyfriend should know about pit-friendly resources like

I strongly strongly suggest you both do more reading and slow things down before you introduce another dog to your household. When things go awry with pits, the dogs usually pay with their sweet lives. It's a huge responsibility. Since you have the option, you can take the time to plan and do right by both of your dogs.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Don't Leave Me by Nicole Wilde

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