Our Cat Freddie...

don_in_coloradoApril 15, 2014

Found him in October 2007 at my local Home Depot running around under parked cars, scared out of his mind. Took me several minutes to coax him near enough so that I could grasp him. Took him home with me. No collar, no chip. Been with us ever since. Meets me at the front door when I get home from work. He greets EVERYONE who visits us, be it a family member, or the FedEx guy.

He's a pretty special, very unusual cat. We love him.

Freddie shortly after I took him home...

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His first experience with snow. He's about to jump from a snowsled to the back door. He was only a couple inches short. : )

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Here he's all grown up, playin' like he's a tough guy, channeling DeNiro...'You talkin' to ME?'

Fred's our special guy. Thanks for looking!

Don B.

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He's gorgeous! Looks a lot like our black girl cat. :)

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Wow, he is a real beauty!! Love the color of his eyes too. He was lucky to be saved by you!!

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Very cute. I love seeing pics of people's pets! Thanks for posting!

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Wow Don! Beautiful cat. Looks like a Halloween kitty :-)

Your both lucky to have each other!

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He is so cute!!

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I just love hearing how people like yourself rescue these poor babies. It makes my day! There are so many cats that need homes and some that are lost, tossed out to fend for themselves. I volunteered at a no-kill cat shelter so I saw first hand how some people ditched their pets for whatever reason. Lots were just stray female pregnant cats. So sad but when I hear a story like this, it just brightens my day! There are lots of good people out there but unfortunately, you don't hear much about them on the news. LOL So, this board is awesome.

BTW~ I have 3 adopted cats now. They were all from a shelter.

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He's a good looking kitty, I also have a rescued back cat and I'm finding out how smart she is, this is my girl Kit

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This is my new cat Peeka-boo, sitting in his kitty tunnel...

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This is Alba who we rescued two years ago. She is the best girl, you know!

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Beautiful cats, all! We have another black cat as well. He found us in winter of 2007-08. He kept showing up on our back deck. At first we thought he was a neighbor's cat, so we didn't feed him. THEN a neighbor behind us told me that he WAS a neighbor's cat, but that his owners had recently moved away, and just abandoned him. So this guy was just roaming aroung the neighborhood as an abandoned stray. He's an outside cat, there's no changing that part of him, but I make him come in at night. He used to get pretty mad about it, but it's too dangerous for a cat to be out all night, every night, in my opinion. Now he's cool with it. I like to think we've helped extend his life, and added quality to it as well. : ) When I go outside to garden, which is all the time in spring, summer and fall, he's my constant companion.

We named him Cujo. He's getting old, but he's a tough one with a little still left in the tank. He's also a lapcat. : )

Don B.

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This is my rescue baby, Pinkey. Found him abandoned in neighbor's yard in 2005. Named him that because as a kitten, he had pink ears and a pink belly.

This is him helping me read the Sunday sale flyers...lol.

This is him being a ham. He's fat, but not as fat as he looks in this pic...lol.

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AHA! Caught ya, Freddie!

Don B.

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Aww loved the pics and the stories. One of my cats saw snow for the first time this year. There was about three inches on the balcony - and she walked out, pawed it once and looked at it for a few mins. Then she dug a hole, squatted and promptly buried it..snow flying everywhere. Came back inside the house, thinking it was the best kitty litter anywhere :).

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This is our Bessie. Sweetest good girl we've ever had. She passed away at home in her/our bed on Oct. 25, 2013, after a lenghly battle with kidney disease. We promised her that as long as she continued to enjoy food, and acted engaged and happy, we'd do whatever we could to continue her quality of life. So she did, for a good length of time, until eventually she didn't. The next day, I called a vet who would come to the house early the next morning and have her go to the great sleep here at home, because there was no way I'd subject her to one more miserable car ride to have it done. The vet was scheduled to come about 7:30 AM on 10/25, but our sweet girl died in our arms at 6:30 AM, just before the vet was to come here.She licked my hand a few times,let out a little meow, relaxed her body and breathing, and one minute later, she was gone. Laid her to rest in the hosta garden under the pines. We still miss her very, very much. Bessie was 14.

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