Help me date my vintage stove?

oklahomaroseFebruary 25, 2013

Hi, everyone. I was reading an old thread on people's (gorgeous) vintage stoves and decided to ask for help with mine. I bought a totally trashed duplex three months ago (great bones, great neighborhood). We have renovated it beautifully, but the one thing we did not touch was the old Frigidaire stove we found on one side. I hope to move it home to my house one day, but for now I am letting tenants enjoy it. Does anyone have a stove like this? Know how old it is? It's electric. The left rear burner is a storage space for pots (the pots are still in it!) The right door is the oven. The left door is storage. The clock is loud and charming (I hope the tenants think so!), and keeps great time. If the picture did not load then I goofed up. Any and all thoughts--welcome.

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I can't help with dating but I've seen stoves like that with the one pot in the stove top and it was either a steamer or a pressure cooker. You might want to google vintage Frigidaire stoves. You'll find tons of info!

good luck.

cool old stove.


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I'll say late '40s to early '50s . Looks like lot's of my friends moms growing up...

Here is a link that might be useful: a 1948 advertisement

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That's really cool!

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I thought I posted on this. Hmmph.

anyway, I looked last night and found one from the late 40's. Yours is early 50s. It's beautiful, BTW. Do you have the insert for the deep well cooker?

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If you look at the video below (found on another thread on GW), you'll see the use for the back burner.

Here is a link that might be useful: old time kitchen design

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I love that range. What wonderful innovative features appliances used to have. They also were longer-lasting. The Frigidaire wall oven in my old kitchen was installed in 1961, and it still worked in 2011. Like yours, it was from the time when Frigidaire was a subsidiary of General Motors. They built those things well. I think you can expect yours to last indefinitely.

There was a thread once about the oldest operational appliance. Your range would definitely be in the running!

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That's very much like the Frigidaire stove I grew up with. It would have been new in 1948 when my dad built our house. We had two ovens and the burner in the back on the left could be lowered to accommodate a recessed pot. It's where my mom slow-cooked her cabbage soup.

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I can't help with the exact date either, but we had one in the house we moved to in 1952. It was a GE but very similar & the house was almost new so it must have been nearly new too. I know it served us well for many years and my Mother hated it when she couldn't get one with the deep well cooker like the one she had. She cooked some great things in that deep well cooker!

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Circus Peanut

I'd say early 1950's. To understand the "pot holder" burner inthe back, google "Chambers Thermowell". It's a form of slow-cooker -- clearly something Frigidaire adopted from the Chambers gas version. There should be a separate knob to control it.

Re. the noisy clock: I just spent a few days repairing the clock and timer on my 1949 O'Keefe & Merritt gas range -- lots of fun with grease and tiny screwdrivers, and it's now running (silently) like a top again. Check in with me if you ever decide to take yours apart!

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Here's a 1948 print ad. Not EXACTLY the same, but awful close.

Here is a link that might be useful: frigidaire ad

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Your's looks to be the 1950 version. Both ovens should work, the storage seems to be the bottom drawer. If you move it to your home, perhaps you could look at having the oven on the left repaired.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1950 Frigidaire ad

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Thank you all so much for your comments. You make me so proud to own this sweet stove! I just finished the renovation on the duplex (three months of sweat, stress, and $$--you all know the story), and I have a good tenant. She likes it but she doesn't loooooove it like I do. I'll leave it there for a year and then move it home to my own (small) kitchen. I am really a newbie in terms of vintage stoves. I know next to nothing, so I appreciate all the links and feedback.

Deedles and Circuspeanut: I had no idea that the left rear spot served another function than just holding pots. (Yes, I feel like an idiot.) I can't wait to research the "slow cooker" issue. Thanks.

Controlfreakecs: You are right. The very bottom drawer is storage. The door to the left seems to be just an empty place--but isn't that weird? Could it be another oven? I do not see any element inside--just a metal roof.

THANK YOU ALL. I adore this stove and hope to move it home soon and keep it forever.

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P.S. Circuspeanut, I am beyond impressed with your mechanical powers (repairing clock). And for you folks who sent the ebay links with the Frigidaire ads, thank you, thank you. Maybe I can't wait a whole year to get this big, gorgeous girl home........

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