best carpet for pet owners

linday12April 20, 2013

I need advice about carpet.I have 5 small-medium dogs and I am terrible at house-breaking even though we do have a doggie door. They will still pee on the carpet if they get a chance. I want to replace my master bedroom carpet and have seen the Stainmaster with odor resistance, Shaw and a few others, all who claim to be pet urine resistant. What do you guys have and does it really help? Thanks!

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There is NO carpet that is really stain proof, much like water resistant jackets, they resistant only to a point. They are not great. However the chemicals used in carpet are more likely to shorten the life span of your pets than resist stains. Berber carpets are the hardest to remove stains from.
Training pets to go outside can take less than a month for stubborn pets, and is more cots effective....Just my 2 cents

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I bought a stain resistant solution dyed nylon for our bedroom, at the time I had a dog with kidney disease who slept in the bedroom so I knew there was going to be a chance she might be sick on it which is why I chose it, and soon after it was installed she did get sick one night but the vomit cleaned up perfectly and didn't leave a mark.

But, if I had dogs who were not house trained I wouldn't have carpet or only in rooms they don't have access too, it's just too impractical to have carpet if it's going to be soiled regularly, and urine tends to soak through the carpet to the underlay anyway so even with professional cleaning it will probably start to smell eventually. If your dogs sleep in your bedroom I would do a hard floor that can be cleaned up instead, but if they don't sleep in there I would put up a baby gate or something to keep them out and off the carpet.

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I remember seeing an advertisement for some carpet that had a plastic or water proof backing just for that purpose. It was supposed to keep the accidents from leaking through to the padding. I would go to a carpet store and ask them...even if you don't necessarily intend to buy there...just go and look around and ask questions.

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Put in vinyl and use throw rugs if you can't house train, or crate, the dogs.
DS had the carpet with water proof backing and altho it prevented dog pee from reaching the pad, the carpet held the odor so well that they eventually had to tear out the carpet.

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spedigrees z4VT

If my dogs were having accidents in the house, I would take them to the vet to be checked for urinary infections and get antibiotics to treat them. Especially with a doggie door, if they are still peeing indoors, it may be so urgent that they cannot get out the pet door in time. Then I would work on house training, using a crate if all else failed.

I agree with Annz, vinyl flooring with washable scatter rugs is the way to go for pet owners. I wouldn't have anything else. My dogs are, and have been, housebroken, but pet accidents can always be expected occasionally if a pet is unwell, or in old age.

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Thanks all for the input. I guess I really have to get strict about the crating. I have gates but my kids are terrible about keeping them shut (need to train the kids too I guess!). I'll go with the tile floors I have everywhere else and use washable throw rugs.

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Linday12, I accidentally discovered these quilted mattress pads meant for incontinent adults. I bought a bunch for my DF-in-L, then another bunch for my dogs. If you get rid of carpet, they will want to pee on something fabric, and these wash up really well. Of course, you do need to train the kids to keep the dogs on the side of the gate where the doggy door is, and the dogs have to be trained to use the doggy door all the time, instead of going pee in the house. I am not sure how you are going to break them of this if it has been going on for very long. Try The Whole Dog Journal. They have e-books on training issues like this that you can buy.

Here is a link that might be useful: reusable quilted bed pads

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I think even for a family with pets that are completely house-trained it makes sense to get a patterned carpet. Our two labs throw up (road kill mainly) every now and then and Spot Shot does a good job of removing stains. However, they also come in with muddy feet on occasion.

We have solid color beige carpeting - the color of our labs but when we ever have to replace it, I will chose a pattern that will hide dirt and stains that can't be completely removed.

I think a counter top the color of ants makes sense for the same reason!

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Even if the dog(s) are house broken, consider the future. My shelter dog did fine for 90% of his life. But the last year, things went downhill.

He was unable to move very well the last six to nine months. Once I came home and found him lying in a puddle of urine; unable to move himself. If I was to get new carpeting, I'd investigate the possibility of something I could take up and wash myself. And if you have a lower level and a dog that will use it in cases of emergency (liquid bowel movement), one day the dog may be unable to use the stairs.

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