Using an Antique White Trim Color- What color Paint the Ceiling

gamecock43March 10, 2011

Hi Guys,

I choose a Behr "Creamy White" color for all the trim throughout the house. It looks like the color of milk. But do I paint whe ceilings "Ceiling White" or "Creamy White"?

Will it look weird if the crown molding and molding around the trim is antique-y white and the ceiling is a brighter, colder white? Or will that really show off the crown molding?

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Why does the ceiling have to be white? Why not go with a color. It is one of the largest walls in every room.
Even the Victorians didn't do white ceilings. They papered or painted their ceilings in a variety of designs. It's only been since the end of WWII that white ceilings came into favor, no doubt as a short cut for builders.

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I have a soft blue for my dining room ceiling, but I'm not going to do it for every room. First I am having a hard enough time picking paint for the walls of a 2500 sq ft home. The home is very open so I want the colors to blend. Adding in different ceiling colors on top of the various walls would be way more work than I'm prepared for at this point.
Second I think the blue ceiling in the dining room will be a "pop" of interest. It will really make an impression. If every ceiling was painted it would get old and overwhelming rather than fresh and interesting.

So White ceiling or antique White ceiling?

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carol is right, why go with white, paint the ceilings in color!

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We used BM Simply White on all our trim and moldings and used Behr Swiss Coffee on the ceilings.. it makes the white trim really pop.. we're happy.. hope this helps!

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