Really need advice re: amputation (long, includes history)

mokaneeMarch 16, 2010

Hello all,

I pop in here from time to time, but as mentioned before I am a really emotional person when it comes to pets (even ones I don't know) and sometimes I just can't handle all the sadness...

That being said I could really use some of the advice from some of the experts here (either just from experience or the trained professionals).

My cat, Kitty, is probably about 15 years old and has been an indoors exclusive cat for about the past 10 years. Recently she has dropped a LOT of weight (going down to 10.2 lbs today from over 14 lbs about a year ago). She has stopped eating solid food (except for the occasional treat) but still has an appetite for wet food. She has been completely normal otherwise even up until last night when she jumped up on my bed with me. But this morning I noticed she didn't come running for food and when I saw her I saw she was holding one of her front paws up under her body and wouldn't put any weight on it. I immediately thought she had somehow broken her leg and took her to the vet right away.

The vet kept her for the day to perform an x-ray on the leg and indeed it turned out to be a broken Humerus (upper arm bone). Unfortunately this is the worst bone to break because it is impossible to cast or splint.

Now I don't know what to do because the vet can't determine WHY it broke so unusually in the first place. She said that it could really either be osteoperosis or bone cancer that have made the bones brittle. She is leaning towards cancer.

She says I basically have 3 options: 1) Surgery to repair the bone 2) Amputation of the leg or 3) Put her down.

Option 1 and 2 are quite costly but I am willing to entertain them if they could extend her life to a comfortable/happy standard for the next 3 or 4 years. Option 3 I can't even start to bring myself to consider.

My main concern with option 1 or 2 is sure it might fix the immediate problem, but if it IS bone cancer then what's to stop the same thing from happening to another leg the next day?

I'm at a loss, I don't know what to think. I got them to take another geriatric blood panel as well as urinalysis today and I should get the results tomorrow. Should they be able to tell if it's cancer from the blood results?

I am seriously considering the amputation but does anyone have any experience with amputations in elderly cats? Can they adapt as well as younger cats? I live in a one storey apartment, so stairs are not an issue.

Thank you all for your thoughts on this matter. I lost my cat Jelika to lung cancer almost three years ago next month and really don't want to go through this again.

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That hurts and worries, I know.

I hope Meghane will weigh in here; her advice and ideas are always valuable.

In the meantime, this is what I think:

1. Whatever decision you make should be for the cat's quality of life. Living with three legs is not such a hardship for cats, if any at all. Especially since she is not overweight.

2. Whichever procedure (amputation or internal stabilization of the fracture) is less stressful and invasive is the one a 15 year old cat should have. I think the amputation will be easier for her to recover from, but that is just a guess on my part.

3. I think a blood panel will help identify the presence of cancer. Even if it is cancer, there may be treatments to slow it down. I know chemotherapy is easy for cats to tolerate, not at all like what people experience.

4. Because amputation will easily address her immediate pain and distress, I think that is the best choice, regardless of the presence of cancer. If it is bone cancer, then yes, the disease will advance. But still, you can give her comfort and a pain-free life for years post-op. If it were my cat, I would definitely want that one, two, three years of a good life for her and you.

5. A concern for all cats, especially older cats, is anesthesia. I think an amputation involves less time under anesthesia.

The vet's options, although harshly expressed (I hope the vet did not just tick off those options!) are really the only options you have. Maybe ask the vet what is involved in the healing of a fracture after surgery.

I hope my ideas help. Again, I am not a vet, but I have had cats for many years, and I have had to agonize over such choices.

Best of luck. Please update soon.

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The issue with bone cancers is not that they spread to other limbs (it doesn't work like that) but that it has metastized to the lungs. A lung xray is the very next step after diagnosing bone cancer. If it has not metastized then amputation is the answer to the question IMO, and the sooner the better. Like today.

Cats adapt extremely well to amputations, much better than humans. They don't know that they are handicapped or disfigured- they just get on with living.

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I think its hard to make an informed decision without a more definitive answer on the cancer.

I think my decision might vary depending upon whether its cancer or not. Are there advantages to amputation if cancer was involved?

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Thank you for the responses, and for reinforcing what my initial thought was. I still need to wait for the vet to call me today with the results of the blood test/urinalysis, but I think as long as she is able to withstand the anesthetic I think I am also leaning towards the amputation.

I have her sectioned off in a small portion of my living room with a comfy blanket, food & water, and litter all close at hand. Overnight she did eat and drink and use the litter box once. So she is proving that she can hobble to and fro, in a limited capacity, so that gives me hope that she would be able to move much easier if she didn't have a painful leg dangling from her shoulder...

When I got up this morning and went to sit with her and pet her she immediately started purring up a storm! She makes my heart swell with so much love it hurts!

I know I might be getting ahead of myself here because I don't know what I will have to do if the vet says that she doesn't think Kitty would be able to withstand the anesthesia... then I don't know what will have to happen...

My sister has a friend who is a vet who graciously gave me a call last night and said that if it was her cat she wouldn't hesitate to amputate either. She also echoed what my vet said when she said that they would not be able to tell if it is osteoperosis or bone cancer until they have a sample of the bone... and this can only be done via surgery or amputation.

So please I do love reading your comments and opinions and value them to either reinforce my thinking or to tell me I'm totally crazy so keep them coming if they're there.

I will let you know this afternoon what the vet says about the results..


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Although my situation is very different, and might be of little merit to yours, I just wanted to say that amputee kitties do just wonderfully and adjust very well.

I found Bruno in a very bad shape, with his leg broken in multiple locations. We had the leg and the shoulder blade amputated. Bruno was in a lot of pain before the surgery, and he was probably in a certain amount of pain immediately after the amputation (which was to be expected)- but recovered fast and very well (he is about 4-6 years old)

Soon after, Bruno did not miss his leg one bit. A year later, he still tries to use his "invisible" leg at times when playing with kitties, or using the scratching post, or covering stuff up in the potty box. And boy can he run fast and jump high! From Bruno living the life

If you decide on amputation, your sweet kitty should adjust very well. I wish you and your kitty the very best.

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What a sweet kitty you have there! Such a cutie :) I'm so glad you decided to love him enough to keep him and mend him back to health. I really hope you have many, many more good and fun years with him!


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I had a sweet kitty who suffered a birth trauma and had brachial palsy. She required an amputation because one of her front arms was not innervated and she dragged it, causing infection to set in. It was a front leg. My daughter has a cat whose back leg was amputated. Both cats did very well, though neither were older cats.

A thought. If it is cancer, and it was surgically set, chances are it won't heal properly anyway because of the cancer. The only way to know in advance would be to biopsy it. I have had a cat that age go through surgery and do fine with anesthesia. I imagine your vet would be the best one to determine if she is a good surgical candidate. I'm sorry, and I hope you can get her back on the road to recovery.

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Well I just spoke to the vet that would be performing the amputation and after reviewing Kitty's history and most recent blood panel (not much has changed since the last one except that she is showing some signs of anemia...) she basically said I only have 2 options: amputate or euthanize.

I am going to go with the amputation of course. She is scheduled to go in at 0845 tomorrow morning.

My boss was very nice today and sent me home early. As soon as I got home and sat down next to her she decided she wanted to hop up onto my lap! She was so cute! Next since it was sunny out she kept looking out the door to the balcony so I opened it a crack and she bolted outside to sit in the sunny spot on the balcony (don't worry, she didn't have to move more than 3 feet from her blanket so it's not like I let her run all over the place).

So to me it seems like she still has a will to go on. It seems like she could actually get along much better without a broken leg hanging there. So if she is telling me that she can make it, who am I to say she can't.

I know things can and sometimes do go wrong in surgery or with the anesthetic, but then at least I will know that I did everything I could for her, considering my ONLY 2 options are either amputation or euthanasia..

I would really appreciate some positive vibes sent Kitty's way tomorrow morning. I love her so much. Please wish for the best possible scenario and outcome.

I will update when I know anything however they said they are likely to keep her at least 2 - 3 days...


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Just read the thread.. and YES, I'm sending 100% positive vibes your Kitty's way for tomorrow morning. I'll be thinking of you both. That really was the only choice you could have made. Please keep us posted.
All my very best to the both of you. BIG HUGS,

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Mokanee, I will be thinking of your kitty tomorrow - best of luck!

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Will hold both you and Kitty in my heart when I awake tomorrow.

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Prayers for you two!

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I'm definitively sending positive vibes to you and your sweet kitty. I'm hoping the cancer is contained. I'm sure she'll do fine with the amputation. Animals are very resilient. Keep us posted and good luck.

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Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers...

I dropped her off at the vet's this morning. Saying goodbye is so hard!

The vet said they will have to do some preliminary chest x-rays first to see if there is any cancer already in her lungs.... please pray that they are clear!

So the x-rays will be this morning and the procedure should take place around 2 o'clock this afternoon. They will call me as soon as it's done and I will go visit right after work.

Positive thoughts positive thoughts positive thoughts...

Will update later...

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I certainly have Kitty and you in my prayers. Please let us know how the surgery went.

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Please let us know how she fares. Will keep her and you in my thoughts.

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Well I just came home from the vet's. Everything seems quite positive so far. Her bloodwork came back not terribly changed from the last one, so they felt ok to go ahead with the surgery in that regard. The chest x-ray also didn't turn anything up, so that was good too.

They did the amputation this afternoon and at the same time they noticed that one of her teeth was very loose and some puss was oozing out of it, so they removed that as well! (This could very well be why she hasn't been eating any hard kibble for the past 10 months or so.. and why she's been losing lots of weight!)

I went to see her after work today and she was laying on her side covered in a blanket with an IV... she was still completely drugged up and was making very weird sounds... growling, yowling, squeaking... but they say that's normal.

I will go back tomorrow and she should be more alert at that time. So far the vet thinks I should be able to possibly take her home on Saturday. That would be great!

So thank you thank you for all your positive thoughts and prayers, it looks like all should be fine...

I will update with more info when I have it.

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Well, I must've checked in ten times today. Glad the report seems so positive. Let's keep the good mojo going. ;-)

Know she'll be as glad to be home, as you will to bring her home.

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So glad to hear there is positive news! Hope she can come home on Saturday and recuperate in familiar surroundings.

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Good news. I hope all goes well from here on. Keep us posted.

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Great news, and she got her bad tooth taken care of at the same time.. Not a bad deal!! I now really hope she can come home on Saturday.. You will have time to help her adjust to this major change, pamper her (she deserves it), and that will speed up her recovery. Keep us posted,

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick update.... I have Kitty home now. She's been here for a few hours now. Not moving around too much, but she did jump out onto the balcony earlier to sit in the sun. She also hopped up on to my lap which was so cute (while I was sitting on the ground outside with her).

She also just managed to hop across the living room to go sit in her cat bed in front of the fireplace.

It's kind of painful to look at her and it's especially painful to watch her try to do things that she used to do with her paw... but as she gets better at doing these everyday things it should get easier for both of us :)

So I am supposed to bring her back in two weeks to get the stitches taken out. I guess I'll get an update on her condition then. I really hope all goes well in the next two weeks.

I really appreciate all your comments and prayers... I will update if anything drastic (or wonderful) happens. But if you happen to remember her, please continue to send positive, healing, and happy thoughts her way...

For now we are happy at home and I have canceled all my "extra-curricular" plans for at least the next week to spend more time at home with her. But I couldn't be happier to do so.

Ciao for now, and all my best wishes to you and your precious furry loved ones...


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All my best wishes go out to Kitty and you.

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Cats are amazing. I am so glad she is getting around and that you and she can spend the time together.

I will continue to keep you both in my thoughts.

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Naps in the sun during the day, fireplace at night, lots of TLC from 'mom".... (this is what my senior Calico also LOVES!!...)... This, to me, sounds like the best, fastest path to recovery! I certainly hope today is another sunny day, and that your Kitty has a restful day, lying in the sun by you, and in front of the fireplace tonight!! Glad you will be able to spend some extra time with her this week.
My best wishes,

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SOOOOO glad to see a positive outcome!! Glad kitty is doing well.

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Ok, just another update...

Kitty has been home for 4 days now and I do continue to see a bit of an improvement every day :) I still have a litter box set up for her in the living room so she doesn't have to go so far, but last night I decided to put the old familiar one back in the bathroom when I noticed that she was hopping that way... and this morning I could see that she did indeed use it once during the night... so she must feel well enough to try to get back to her usual routines...

Also she spent more time outside of her "bed" yesterday when I got home. Not doing anything particularly energetic, but just coming to sit by me...

Now for the bad news, the last two days when I got home I noticed a couple of stitches missing and she had started to obviously chew on the incision... I had originally asked the vet if I could take home a "cone" just in case I needed it. They didn't think I would so they didn't give me one. Evidently, I needed one. So I went back to the vet yesterday to get one for her. Needless to say Kitty was less than impressed and I had to endure a couple hours worth of Kitty "death glare" last night! (However she still managed to purr her fool head off during the glaring session as I was petting her!)

I just want her incision to heal properly, because I still can't believe how long it is (probably about 7 inches)! And I don't want to have to bring her back to the vet to have the stitches re-done.

Hopefully I have caught it in time so that it heals properly. Does anyone know if these are supposed to be left on 24/7? It seems it would be pretty impossible to get into a comfy position with a cone around one's head... I might take it off when I get home because I'll be monitoring her "grooming" and then put it back on at night...

Anyway still haven't heard about the bone sample. Will let you know when I know. In the meantime I thank you all for wishing her a speedy recovery, it seems to be working :)


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My Sphynx, who spent every night under the covers spooning with me, still managed to sleep and spoon with the cone on. It wasn't the most comfortable thing for me, but it was what needed to be done. Kitty will be fine with the cone. It only took Diamonds about a minute to figure out how to eat with it on.

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I know all about the death glare. It's the "But I want to kill you " look. Gotta love cats. Hope Kitty continues to heal.

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Ok, new update time...

Kitty has been home now for just over 2 weeks. She is such an amazing little trooper and still I continue to see signs of improvement every day.

She has figured out movement on 3 legs pretty well now, although sometimes when she is running she will forget and try to put down the missing leg and then do a face plant... it makes my heart ache, but she just gets up and keeps going.

We did get the preliminary results back from the vet... it's not good news. The bone definitely broke because of bone cancer. At this particular point they still do not know the specific type of cancer (I am waiting on the results of a whole bunch more tests...) but they are definitely leaning towards Multiple Myeloma! Apparently this is one of the worst and rarest types of cancer a cat can get. Apparently the largest study ever done only encompassed 33 cats... that's how rare it is. My vet friend in Alberta says that after 9 years of being a vet she has yet to encounter bone cancer in a cat...

So I am awaiting confirmation on a couple more blood/urine/bone marrow tests to see if they can confirm it.

Seeing as Kitty is already 15 years old, I really don't think there would be a point to making her endure chemotherapy, even if that is an option for this type of cancer I don't know.

Has anyone had any experience with this type of cancer in their pets?

I just look at her and I think about how wonderfully she is recovering after the amputation. I have been able to fashion some "steps" for her to be able to get up onto both the couch and the bed, and she has been going back to her usual routines lately which include gettting up to greet me at the door when I get home, as well as sleeping on the bed with me at night. But sometimes I almost go out of my mind with tears when I picture that maybe one morning I will wake up and another bone will have broken spontaneously overnight because of the cancer... if that happened...

But I don't want to think about that. For now I suppose I will await the results of all the tests I have done and go from there. And for now I will enjoy the company of my sweet, furry, happy, 3 legged Kitty for as long as I possibly can.

Again thank you for your positive thoughts for recovery. She has heard them, and is responding well. If I didn't know about the cancer I would say she is recovering as well as could possibly be expected from the amputation.

When I get definite results I will let you know...

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Here is the website that has the most information I can find on Multiple Myeloma in cats... unfortunately it seems pretty bang-on for Kitty and her symptoms... including all her abnormal blood and urine results... and the bone breaking...

Outlook doesn't look good, if this is the case. :(

Here is a link that might be useful: Multiple Myeloma in Cats

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I'm sorry.

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So glad she is recovering from her surgery.

The chemotherapy indicated is very simple and with few if any side effects. I think you administer it (at least the prednisone). It's not like when we get chemo.

Whatever you do, you have taken such good care of her and improved her quality of life. Best of luck in all.

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I'm sorry to hear it may be a grimmer prognosis than you'd hoped. I lost two cats last year to cancer. One had a mammary growth, and the other one in his digestive system. The first one, it took her quickly but my male cat did well for much longer than I'd expected. I had to give him injections every two and a half weeks of a steroid and vitamin. I could have taken him in, but this saved him the stress because he didn't appreciate cars or crates.

I wish for Kitty, comfort and a chance to enjoy a beautiful summer. It's harder on we humans, I'm sure. Since we typically hang around longer than our little furry friends, we all need face possible grief for them......and the length of life is nowhere as important as the life we made possible for them. Peace.

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Hmmm... wondering if I should start a new thread... but I'll just keep it here for now...

So I got the dreaded phone call from the vet. We already knew that cancer is what caused the break, but I was still holding onto some hope that perhaps it was localized in that leg and they managed to get rid of it.

The good news is that they have almost definitely ruled out Multiple Myeloma... even though it fits to a "T".. apparently the cancer cells weren't the right type. Instead it is B cell lymphosarcoma. It means there are globulins secreting cancer in her body, but they don't know from where.

Vet says we could "possibly" narrow down the "from where" and hopefully find out what stage the cancer is in from doing an Ultrasound of her kidney, spleen, and liver...

I am just somewhat at a loss because in the long run I am not sure what good it would do?? If I find out that the cancer is in her liver, how does that help me? I am not going to remove parts of her one by one... that just doesn't make sense.

I could also possibly start her on a combination of prednisone and chlorambysol (sp?). But from what I hear these drugs are quite toxic to the organs and it only seems like they would keep her feeling better in the short term while at the same time killing her faster... to put it bluntly...

My question is: Kitty seems so perfectly healthy and happy on the outside right now... no signs whatsoever of depression or of feeling ill... so do I really want to start her on these potentially deadly meds right now? Or should I wait until I see signs and symptoms of a decline? Should I do the ultrasound? Will it really tell me anything useful?

I mean if I look at the big picture and be realistic about it... she has cancer, that's a fact. She will die from it, that is also a fact. The only question is when and how much do I want to put her through before that end? I guess that's what I'm struggling with more than anything...

Any comments you may have are appreciated... even if you tell me I'm completely nuts, cause I'm definitely feeling like I'm going nuts here! Thank you.

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So sorry about the news...You would be nuts NOT to go nuts over all this decision making! This is a very personal decision... I would ask myself the same question.. As she has recovered from her amputation and manages to be living a pretty normal life, I might go for the quality of life over a very uncertain, painful process of more tests and drugs. The only question is when and how much do I want to put her through before that end? Really.. that's the question. Do you want to remember her last days as a series of visits to the vet's, tests, meds, suffering... The vet does not seem to give you much long-term hope.. You could ask him/her "what would you do if it were your cat", but that would not help me. Could I live with myself knowing I did not try everything?? You just have to trust your love for your cat in this decision. The quality of life is key, I think. Minimize the stress for your cat, and spend as much time as you can with her.
I am very sorry I can't help you more. Thinking of you both,

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I am deeply sorry that the news is so dire. You're so wonderful with Kitty. Does the vet offer any positive information at all?

Anne-Marie is spot on.

I have no better way to say it. But I want you to know that you're in my thoughts and I send hugs.

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So sorry to hear the news but I would also go with quality of life. She feels okay now and who knows she might surprise you. Just spoil her and make her days happy, not filled with medical treatments.

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I echo all of these fine followers. Also, is there any natural dietary supplements that you might give her to make her feel better? Doing that for her could help your feelings too....

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Ok, another update...

I got another call from my vet yesterday... and she is now telling me that the Dr. at the lab where they have been doing all the bone/blood/urine tests has come back to her and said that with some of the new marrow results among others he now feels more confident in calling it Multiple Myeloma rather than B cell lymphosarcoma... so this is bad news again.

My vet basically told me that she has never in her experience treated a cat with Multiple Myeloma and only 1 dog ever. She does not feel confident recommending any sort of treatment for Kitty and STRONGLY suggested that I take her to see an internal medicine specialist.

So this is what I will do. I still have to wait for the call to set up the appointment, but I guess the only thing I can do is have the appointment with the internist and have him look over her entire history and then hopefully he can recommend a course of action for me. I am still really hoping to be able just to medicate her at home if and when needed.

It just really really bites. It just tears me up inside to look at my happy Kitty, into her big green trusting eyes, and know that somewhere inside her body is a mean, nasty cancer that is just waiting to rear it's ugly head again...

I guess I don't really need much advice anymore... just want to share my thoughts and feelings with those of you who understand...

I just feel so defeated.

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I am so sorry. I wish that things could be easier. Hugs to you, and all my admiration for being so wonderful with Kitty. No matter, she's a lucky cat. Hugs to you. You can vent whenever you wish.

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So sorry to hear it. Kitty is lucky to have you and I hope she sticks around a long time.

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Final update...

So I did take her to the internal medcine specialist, and I did do the ultrasound of her other organs and heart because the internist wanted to see how far along the cancer was in her other organs as well as check out her heart to see if it could stand the medications. Well the ultrasound checked out pretty fine and she was pronounced fit to undergo treatment...

The strange part is that the vet even wrote in her report that "...what is baffling is that Kitty has been feeling relatively normal apart from her pathologic fractures for the last 8 months or so...Surprisingly Kitty is still feeling well and does not appear obviously sick at this time which is great."

So I took her home full of hope. But last Monday I noticed that she was having a bit of trouble getting up after laying down for a while. The next day it became worse and she wasn't putting much weight on her back left leg and in fact it was bending "backwards" at the knee (so that from her toes to her knee section were on the floor when she walked... if you can picture that). And I thought that maybe I shouldn't have amputated her leg at such an old age and that her back leg couldn't compensate for the extra weight... The next day (Wednesday) I noticed that she was even having trouble with her back right leg and could not walk more than a few steps without laying down for a bit. By Thursday morning I knew it was time. She couldn't walk at all. But I can't believe how quickly it went. She was still feeling fine on Sunday, but by Thursday I had no choice but to put her down.

I just hate it because her mind was still all there, she was still alert and responsive. It's only her body that gave out. But I didn't have a choice. I couldn't let her suffer. If it wasn't Thursday it would have had to be Friday or Saturday... I knew that... and she was in pain. So I had to let her go.

I am just so hurting right now. It's the first time in 21 years that I haven't had at least 1 cat with me. I still wake up and expect to see her, or hear her meowing for her breakfast. When I come home I expect to see her running to greet me. I know that this is all my own selfish pain, and that I really did the right thing for her.

I comfort myself knowing that I gave her the best 13 years she could have asked for (I don't even know how old she was... she was a stray barn cat that was only skin and bones when I found her...).

I also know that I tried and did everything I possibly could for her. My vet said it was probably because a tumor was growing up against her spine that caused her legs to go... I guess that's pretty likely... but it was just so fast acting. I love her so much. But I have to believe that she is now with Jelika and the two of them are happy and pain free, and that somehow... someway.... they will wait for me and we will be together again some day.

Thank you all for your encouragement through this entire ordeal. You are all amazing people, and you are much stronger than I.

Wishing you nothing but health and happiness for both yourselves and your pets,


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I am so sorry. I know the sadness you are experiencing. Been there many times, . We love our pets so much and they just don't live long enough. You gave her a wonderful life and did what was best in the end. After awhile, go find another cat to love.

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My heart goes out to you for the hole in yours that she left behind.

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You did the most compasionate thing for your kitty that you could have. Letting her go when SHE was ready not keeping her in pain because you didn't want to let go. It is hard and my heart goes out to you but you know you did the right thing

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Wow you really have been through it. Just from reading this one post I have NO DOUBT you are a great pet owner and your cat probably had the best life any pet could have. You have done 90 percent more than most other pet owners in making sure your kitty was not suffering and would be living the best life possible even with an amputation...It is human to second guess ourselves especially since you and your kitty went through so much in the last couple of days. But it sounds like everyone involved did the everything to the best of their abilities. Your kitty is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you and I doubt that someone else with furry feet will come along when you least expect it and choose to live with you. Take care of yourself now and keep telling yourself you did all you could as did everyone else and that sometimes these things are out of our hands.

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My heart goes out to you in your sorrow. What a lucky cat Kitty was to have shared your heart and home. You are a beautiful soul.

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I've been checking back to this thread when I am online to see what has happened since the diagnosis. Of course, I am so sorry that it ended like this. You, of course, did the right and merciful thing. Yes, sometimes conditions just progress so quickly that they look great one week and are terminal the next. When I had the last of my six kitties put down, even the vet was flabbergasted at how healthy and sleek she was as she was gasping for breath. It isn't much comfort to say this, but at least when you made that ultimate decision, it was an obvious one and you didn't have to second-guess whether you did the right thing or not.

I am without a cat now, too and there is a light on at my inn for a special kitty who needs a home. I'll know when the time is right and the cat is right. You will too. And, it will be a very lucky one who finds you. God bless.

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