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carmelliaJuly 23, 2008

Am I the last person in the world using a Canon AE-1 SLR? I love the camera but the advantages of digital cannot be denied. I want to stay with the SLR and am leaning to the xTi and the XSi.

I have two nagging concerns. I have borrowed my brother-in-law's digital and the screen is very difficult to see. It has to be at exactly the right angle and out of direct light or it becomes a blank screen. Also, the colors are not true. In particular, blue is drained out of most colors. Purple becomes garish pink and lavender becomes baby pink. He tells me that he has features that will let me paint it the color I want. But I want the color it is, not the color I paint it.

Is this just because he has a very inexpensive camera or do digitals have a problem with seeing true colors?

Thank you very much for your help. And thanks for all the beautiful pictures. I have never been to this forum before, but I will be back. I love seeing other peoples pictures as much as I love taking my own.

I hope to be posting pictures soon. Another advantage over the old Canon SLRs. Carmellia

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Hi Carmellia! I can assure you that you are not the last person on earth still shooting an AE1. I am a semi-pro photographer & I used to shoot the AE1. It is a great little camera. Digital is great but you do want to stay with an SLR digital. Unless you want to stay with Canon I would suggest you look at the Nikon D80. I shoot the Nikon D70 (version B4 the D80)& I love it. My son (also a photographer) shoots the D80 & I find that it is not only quieter but the screen on the back is larger & easier to see. Color on the Nikons are very accurate. I have had mine for 3 years with no problems. Be sure & invest in a photo printer if you do not already own one. You will want to print some of those pix you will be taking! Have fun!

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