A little West Texas flavor

rcnaylorJuly 29, 2011

An old farmstead and windmill seen through a RR trestle

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WOW..some green grass on the shady side of the trestle....

That is rapidly becoming a sight for sore eyes in Texas

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That is the truth. Thousands of square miles that look like the dead of winter. The green in the pics are a few hardy weeds that managed to pop up on a water run from when we got one of our half inch rains (about 2 of them in the last 9 months). Its that kind of stuff and what ever is growing under irrigation. Everything else is brown from being dead, dormant or dirt.

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This whole mess with the unusual weather patterns this year is becoming just a bit scary to me....

In Texas & Oklahoma the ranchers are being forced to sell off most of their herds because they have neither the feed or water to sustain them while in the midwest the floods have wiped out untold thousands of acres of grain & corn, and by the time the mud dries enough they can get in the fields it is too late in the season to re-plant.

To top that off, with the new laws concerning illegal immigrants the farmers in Georgia can't get pickers to harvest their crops and I am sure Florida will soon be suffering the same problem if they are not now.

For as much as we are finding photos of that barren land interesting now, I am sorely afraid that be late summer or mid winter we will be taking photos of barren shelves in the grocery store.

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Excellent picture, RC. I see you are as dry as we are...

Here is a little South Texas Spice.


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Nice pics, both of you.
I can't imagine how you are suffering through this long hot, dry spell. Not that you have a choice, I guess.
Here, we've had some hot weather, but a whole lot of rain, too. The river is high, we'd have to wade to get to the pontoon. I so wish we could send some of it south.

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