Disposable camera developing past 'expiration' date...

fishfacenjJuly 1, 2008

This is my first visit to this forum...we're going through renovations and just unearthed (from the depths of a cabinet) a bag of used disposable cameras. My now-5-year-old daughter went through a phase around age 3 and 4 of carrying one of those everywhere and taking pictures of who-knows-what. I obviously stashed them away one day and forgot about them. Most of them say "process by" a date in 2007. Any chance they'd actually develop (in which case I'll take them to BJs or such), or are they definitely duds now? (My daughter now uses our snap-and-shoot digital camera, and takes pretty good pictures! So there's a chance that some cute stuff is on these...probably some from right after we brought her baby brother home.)

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You'll never know until you develop them.
Try one roll to start.
I've developed 8 year old exposed film and
got good results.

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Yeah, I've developed years-old exposed film and disposable cameras ("Where'd this come from??") with no problem.

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