Not a great pic

rcnaylorJuly 2, 2011

it was zoomed in with a little pocket camera while I was out biking this morning, but, I like the scene, it kinda screams bucolic From Addisyn and haybaling

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Nice pic, but you mean to tell me that y'all actually made hay in your area this year?!?!

Absolutely NO hay has been made here this year so far. Cattle are still grazing hay pastures here with this ongoing drought. I've never seen this happen before.

I may need to buy some of that hay if it is for sale. We've had only 11.7" of rain since last September 9th and the normal here is 40+ inches.

Nice pic but you're making me jealous!


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Well, you know the old saying Kt, someone always has it worse.

That hay came from conservation reserve acreage that we don't usually get to cut. So, its been growing for years.

And, in that comparison dept, from Nov 12 to last week, we had received .9 tenths of an inch. Driest Jan to June on record here. Four times drier than the previous least dry year.

So, yep, I can definitely sympathize with all those who are on the dry side!

But, in the last week we have received two showers totaling about .7 to .8 tenths. Its a start, and hopefully gets things rolling for a while!

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And, a little more rain last night. .3" but, better by far than what we have been getting. Made for a great cool bike ride this morning, so I stopped and took a few pics:

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Great pics. Love the purple flowers and I have a feeling you might come back and say they are actually weeds. But that's OK.....they are still pretty. My part of TX is still hot and dry....send some rain!

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Thanks, and right you are. Those flowers are weeds that managed to a) live, and b) flower on .9 of an inch of rain from Jan 1 to June 25. Driest on record here by a mile.

Tough hombres!

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