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juanitalJuly 30, 2007

Three different views of same area


back--focus on Glad...

Back---Focus on Lazy Susans--

Faithful dog included..:)

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Juanita, I think you have every color of the rainbow represented there! And lots of different texture. The Liatris and Lazy Susans add nice contrast for the Glads and Dahlia. Is that "Stargazer" Lily I see in the first picture?

Thanks for giving us a "walk-around-view" of your garden!


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what beautiful flowers. I love all the colors and heights!

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Me too, just beautiful!! Do you stake your glads? I just have a few and they fall over!

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Thanks all for your wonderful comments...I was pleased with this years part of garden...I had about 50 tulips planted here last year with only a few returns...Of course the soil still needs more work as it is still clayey...The liatras did so much better than this year than last and the fescue's did quite well, too...

Julie-I'll have to dig out the pack to see what lily that is...I got it from W-M though...

Bigack==I didn't stake them this year-but read from the bulb forums that if you plant 6-8 inches down you won't need to...I think I kept around 6inches and haven't needed to stake so far...I was happy that it worked cos they are so beautful but didn't want plant them anymore if they kept falling over...with that said...I ended up buying gads of them....tehee...and also just a note..Some glads rebloomed for three years in a row...I didn't dig them out or mulch...I'm in Z5-6...but I just may mulch this year...I'd rather mulch than dig...


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What a wonderful splash of color. Lovely garden.

I especially like the one with the bear in the background. ;)

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GORgeous! i luuuuuuuv seeing others gardens...hmmm, is that a birdhouse i see in the first one? and the bear in the background in the last is adorable!

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LoL, RC...I'd be running if that was a bear...That's our dog...

Lianne thats a clearanced bird feeder that I got at FD...I just decided it looked like a neat thing to paint a country green and let hang on a hook...

Appreciate your comments RC and Lianne...!


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lovely garden! beautiful pictures!

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oooh lovely garden Juanita, reminds me of the gardens my mother used to plant, same flowers too ;)

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