Feral Kttten and he's postive FeLV

reneenyMarch 10, 2011

Hello Everyone

I found two feral kittens over the summer in an abandomed property. I TNR and caught the mama cat too and TNR.

They were doing great,came when I called them, bought a outside dog house so when it rains they have a place to eat without getting wet.

Well, over this winter Hello Kitty (black and white) looked liked he had a bloody nose, caught him again, and took him to the vet. He's positive with FeLV (leukeminia) the Tiger kitten did not.

Well, he's on Chinese Herbs now, and vitamin supplements and Prednisolone (not sure what this is)

They are now in my bedroom, they are good boys, but have a german shephard, he's sweet, but the black and white one keeps spitting at him and yesterday scractch the dog's nose.

Any suggestions?

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Well you dont have to worry about transferring the cats virus to the dog so that is easy enough but you really need to make sure to keep the infected cat away from all other cats. Feline leukemia is highly contagious between cats and until the sick one gets a clean bill of health you need to protect the healthy one from getting infected. Prednisone is a steriod used to help combat autoimmune diseases and the symptoms associated be sure and keep the kitten who is on prednisone confined a bit since the drug often lowers the bodies ability to fit off infections. Hope the kitty recovers - good luck

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Thank you for taking care of these 2 kittens and their mom. It is possible that Hello Kitty got infected by his mother, and yes, you need to keep the sick one from Tiger, although, by now, if he had to be infected he would be, I would think! Many cats have been infected by FeLV, but very few develop the symptoms.

Chinese Herbs now, and vitamin supplements That's great. Looks like you have a holistic vet or at least a vet open to alternative medecine... Appropriate diet, supplemented with large amounts of vitamin C, some vitamin E can work wonders.. as you already know. Have you talked vaccinations (not without risks) with your vet? Make sure you discuss it (benefits and risks) thoroughly with your him/her.

Keep us posted, and again, thank you for helping these 2 kitties!

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The vet mentioned getting it from it's mother, cause the Tiger kitten came back negetive to the test. The tiger got the vacine for FeLV and the booster 3 weeks later.

I can't separate them. When I found them the mother cat was sick and was just laying in the sun. She wasn't feeding them, but wouldn't leave the backyard. I think she got bit by something, cause she had some kind of bite on her neck. I kept leaving her cream (it was hot summer) and she drank it, and went back to sleep. After 3 days, she got up and walked around.

The two boys (kittens) are bonded, they cried for each other when the other one isn't around. The gray tiger "Mother's" the black and white one (sick one) washes him, calls him to find him.

They still cry everyday to go outside, they are feral. But I can pick them up (the only one in the household) But it took months and months to get there trust. They won't sit on your lap at all.

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It is great you can pick them up, and that you were able to get them to the vet. The rest will come with patience.. They were not socialized, so it will take a little more time to get them more "people friendly", but you will get there. Try other people to sit quietly in the room with them, have someone else bring them food (a feeding hand soon becomes a friend)... I volunteer at our local shelter, and I know they will eventually be more trusting of others, even if they go into hiding when you have company (some of my cats still do that).

I hear what you say about the bonding between the 2... I probably would not separate them either (against my good judgement).. As I said before, by now, Tiger would have been exposed anyway, so why adding stress? Stress always weakens the cat response to recovery...

How old are they? I certainly would not let them out. Provide toys, play with them... Can they access windows to look out and watch birds (they usually love that)? Hopefully they will forget the outside eventually.

As your vet may have told you, the Tiger would have to be re-tested in 6 months for FeLV, as a first negative result is not totally certain.

Hope it is not too hard to medicate Hello Kitty! Thanks again for being so good to these 2!! and keep us posted, of course!


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Oh, to forget outside, Probably not. There are two other full grown ferals outside that made friends with the kittens. The kittens are now 10 months old. So when Steriod Kitty (another black and white) huge, soft spoken meow comes and sits by the back door and cries for them. Now he's another story. I can't get close enough but I think his ear's tipped... His ear is black and has alittle white at the tips so it's hard to tell. His testes are all white,so that's hard to tell. But he was bite over the winter and started losing his hair on the backside of his tail that connects to his back and it was going further down. So I decided to give him the "The ULTRA EFA" vitamin supplement that the vet gave me of the Felv one and 1 tablet (250mg) vitamin C with his food. He's eating it all up, and the tail looks much better, so much better. But I am sure he probably needed an antibodic too, but vet prices and catching another feral is beyond my means right now. He's eating, and walking, and looks ok. Not sure what he has?????

Then there is Bobcat, sneaks in and out, not friendly to any other cat, but he has a bunny rabbit tail. he's all black with white on his nose. and walks VERY LOW to the ground, he's been around here and there, was gone over the winter, but last night he showed up.

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What an interesting feline group!!! poor you.. these outside cats are going to drive your kittens.. 'crazy'!
The cat with the 'tipped' ear must have been TNRed. At one of our local shelters they clip one ear to indicate they were ferals but fixed. I am glad the one with the fur problem/bite is looking better. I do hear what you say about being able to afford taking another feral to a vet...

As for Mr. Bobcat.. the way he walks reminds me of the stray I brought in 2 months ago.. He doesn't do that anymore though. I think they may walk that way for fear of attacks.. trying to make themselves 'smaller'...

However hard that might be, do not let your FeLV kitty out, or he might infect other cats...

Thanks for all you are doing to help these cats.. your address must be going around the circle of abandoned cats!

Anne-Marie & her 6 cats

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LOL!!! for my address!! I think cause the forclosure house made it open to cats. There a nice deck of the back of the house and a whole in the fence to my property. So they peek threw the hole and seen the kittens eating. It was great during the summer, only the kittens, then came Bobcat (rabbit tail), sneaks in and out late late at night. I thought he was a mouse at first........

Then came Huge Steriod Kitty, I thougtht he was going to beat up the kittens, but he made friends....:)

Then: Steriod brought out of the blue "V" another tiger cat but he has a white V on his nose. He is very afraid.

So the merry go round begin........LOL!!

V is still missing since December, Bob cat came back and Steriod never left, I think cause of his tail. And his looks tipped ( so maybe he not a fighter)

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