need a new camera

jankeyJuly 8, 2008

I'm finally getting around to buying a dslr and need advice. Have checked the dpreview and ir, but really value your experience and opinions in the actual use of the cameras.

Thought about Canon rebel xs or 40D - but read that the 40D is not for beginners. I'm definitely a beginner in the dslr - have had several Oly P&S cameras and thought the SPUZI would do the job, but need one to get faster action shots.

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I can't imagine why the 40D wouldn't be for beginners any more than any other DSLR! It has an auto setting. I would LOVE to have one.
Anyhow, I have the Canon Digital Rebel XTi and love it. I think you would be happy with any Canon DSLR and probably any Nikon, start out with the kit lens, then decide on which lenses you need later.
At least, that's my opinion.

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Have you considered the Nikon D60? We have the Nikon D40X (discontinued in favor of D60) and it's awesome. You can still get a D40X for about $500 with lens kit.

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I held a 40D at Costco (great sale price now on line) and it seemed bigger and heavier than I expected - don't know if it was because of the attached security thing or not.

How is the LCD monitor in sunlight/bright light? Can hardly see it in my other camera - have to duck under a towel to view.

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I had a Canon XT and thought I would upgrade to the 40D but it was too big for my hand. Ended up with the XSI . Make sure you can hold the camera. Go to a camera store where it isn't attached.

I also do not see why the Canon D couldn't be for beginners.

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In my opinion, go for what you can afford. If you can get one that "isnt for beginners" now, you won't have to buy another body when you "outgrow" that one, and you can spend that saved money on a lens! :)

Since I'm a Canon guy, I'll talk Canon...:)

If you can afford the 40D, and it feels good in your hand, go for that one. From what I have seen/read, if I (an XTI owner) could have afforded that one, I would have got it. i do LOVE my xTi though, and would certainly choose it above the XSi for a few reasons, mainly being that the added cost is more than the new features are worth IMO.

Also remember that and are your friends! :P Check their prices before you buy at a store.

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joanmn also has good deals on cameras sometimes. They and the two Andy mentioned are reputable on-line stores.
My Popular Photography came yesterday, they tested "entry-level" DSLR's. Canon, Nikon, Sony and two others, whose brands escape me now. The Canon (XSi) won.

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heh, just got my Pop Photography in the mail as well...:)

Good readin...I would say I read it for the articals...but mostly I just drool over the pictures...

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Thanks for the tip - I just read the Pop Photo article on line and it confirms that 40D and Xsi are the best.

Would you believe I can't find a camera store here for a hands on experience - either have to wait till we go to the big city or take a chance and order on line.

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It's that way where I live, too, Jankey, I have to drive 70 miles if I wanted to see a 40D.

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I did it!! ordered 40D on line. Sure hope it fits.
Thanks for all your help and info.

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Well, the Big Black Beauty arrived today and it is HUGE!

I tried reading the manual and I think it's written for people who have years of experience with slr's... that certainly excludes me. Maybe the bite was too big.

Is there a "40D for Dummies"?

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