The pics are getting bigger and bigger.......

alisandeJuly 17, 2009

I've noticed--not just here, but on other forums as well--that the images people are posting seem to be getting larger all the time. It used to be we were cautioned against posting anything over a certain size. (I think it was 640 x 480.) I guess that rule doesn't apply anymore.

All of this is not a problem for me, as I have a high-speed broadband connection. But I wonder if some other members might be having trouble loading these uber-images, to the point where they give up trying to look.

This is a relatively quiet forum, but I thought I'd mention it here as the subject is Photography, after all.

Any thoughts?


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I have posted bigger pics, but more compressed. It does suck when a person is on dial-up, everything is so slow to open.

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I agree, I remember how frustrating dial up could be.

I went with Photobucket's 640 X 480 and felt a little guilty. Let me know if they should be smaller from now on and I'll be happy to comply.


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Pam, 640 x 480 is pretty standard. Otherwise, they're too small to see. Since this is a photo forum, we want people to be able to see our photos!

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Thanks for the reminder! I usually post 640x480 but don't always remember to reduce them.

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Most of what I have on photobucket is 640X480.


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Hmmmm....I have a question then. Just because I reduce the photos to 640 X 480 when uploading to Photobucket, it sounds like that might not necessarily mean that it reduces the size of the file? Or does it?


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It should reduce it. But when I use IrfanView to resize my pics, the KB's are way more than when I resize in Paint Shop Pro and use higher compression. So there are two aspects to reducing the pics.
I prefer to have them be 800 x 600 or so, and compressed more. They pop open fairly quickly and the upload is way faster.

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Thank you, Joan. I'm new to Irfanview and use it off and on...I like that you can resize/convert a whole batch of pictures. So much to learn.

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I do that all the time. Batch operation. Just make sure you put it in a NEW folder and as a double safety, make sure "overwrite files" is NOT checked!

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Hey Joan, off subject, remember when we traded e-mails a couple of times years ago about photography? I just got one of those things on Facebook suggesting you as a friend. If Facebook can dig up such obscure contacts, imagine what the Feds can do to check out our associates?!

I guess I'm gonna hafta quit going to those Al Quida training conferences on line.

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Boy, that is odd, isn't it? Good thing we were only talking photo stuff and not bank-robberies or something!

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