Beach, low angled light

troutwindJuly 16, 2010


We were at Myrtle Beach on vacation last month and early one morning I shot these from our 8th floor balcony. The sun was low and subjects were back lit. I shot in color but changed to B&W. Treated like I was printing on high contrast film.

This was interesting

But I like this one better.

I should have stuck with the beach walkers longer than I did but got distracted by the reflections off the waves:

and this one

By the way. Kept the last wave in color and played with the contrast and shadow.

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Very interesting and beautiful light play.

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I like the second one better, too. I wish I could see it a little smaller; it more than fills my 22" monitor, and I'd a bit of a different perspective on it.

Interesting that the fisherman in pic #1 has his own personal wave rolling in front of him.

Very cool metallic look on the last wave pic.

Nice work!

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LOVE no. 2 and no. 4. Wish I could go to the beach!

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Love the lighting-super like the angled view of the 1st pic with the people doing their thing, seemingly obvlivous to each other, would prefer a little wider but that would be a personal preference-2nd one like he's taking timeout to enjoy the waves and view. The waves are lovely, I can hear them rolling to and fro. The b&w works well. A nice view from the balcony!!! And like Bigack-would love to go the beach, too!!!

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Thanks for your comments. I also like #'s 2 and 4 the best. Number 2 is my absolute favorite of any that I took in that session. It is cropped from a much larger photo which you can see more of in shot #1 which is also cropped from the original. 10.1 MP gives you some room to play with when cropping.

By the way, the camera is a Cannon EOS Rebel XS with a 75 to 300 MM lens.

Susan, here is the beach sitter photo reduced in size but I'm afraid its quality isn't as good as the original crop.

Here is the original shot - reduced in size but it gives you an idea of where the cropping was done. I have variations in one form or another that have all figures represented but the Beach Sitter was by far the best.

While the b&w worked on pics 1 and 2 I think now that the waves probably present better in color. I'm going to go back and play with some of them again.

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Thanks, but it's still huge. :-)

I clicked on the first posting, and it sent me to your Photobucket account, where I viewed the shot in a small size. Normally, I'd say too small, but it gave me the perspective I was looking for. I had no idea you did so much cropping of that scene. Good eye!!

Early morning or late day sun . . . there's nothing like it for great pictures.

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What a wonderful series. I love the beach-sitter, too!

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Joan, Thanks. I was very happy with the photos I took that morning. I expect that to try to duplicate the conditions I'd have to stay in the same condo.

Here are a couple more waves

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