Built In Corner Fireplace - Replacing TV with ?

milesbellaMarch 18, 2014

We currently have a corner fireplace that has built-in shelves on both sides. There is also a cut out area above the fireplace for our TV. My husband wants to move the TV to a different wall (hanging) which leaves an empty space above the fireplace. What in the world do you put there to hide the opening? Wall art? Any ideas or inspiration pictures would be greatly appreciated.

This is the only photo I have of the fireplace (taken to show the tile, which is also getting replaced to a multi-color slate).

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Can you take a pic of it from a distance so we can see the top, i.e.: the whole thing to get a better sense of the area?

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This is the only other photo I have available right now. Not sure if you can tell, but the area behind the TV is deep and goes back into a V (all the way to the wall).

I would love to put some larger hurricanes with candles up there or maybe some art work? Would you put some sort of wood "backing" to fill the area (so you can't see clear back in there)?

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It's actually an interesting space. At Christmas, you could put a large Poinsettia, or a small Christmas tree. Rest of the year you could have a vase with large branches with berries or something in there.

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I think I would put a partition about 3 inches back making it look like a sort of wall....(the V would be empty) and paint it your wall color. Then I would put a piece of art or a mirror in that space.

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I might have two pieces of triangular glass cut and mount them on oak braces and use for display just like the side shelves. I'm afraid putting something tall or over scale in their to fill the space like plants or hurricanes won't look proportionate with the objects on the other shelves.

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