Sharin' the Heron

juanitalJuly 21, 2010

As i crossed the bridge this heron landed in the tree. He couldn't of picked a better place as he/she was framed perfectly by the branches and leaves!

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a lovely series of photos....the colors are wonderful.

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Thank you so kindly PF!!! I shot neutral in optimize mode! I had forgotten to switch back to standard. So was pretty pleased these turned out. I cropped so you can see the heron better. A large size would of shown the heron & framing, but the crop was better for here!

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Very nice. They are fun to watch and photograph.

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Thanks Joan. Last year around fall we watched one at park while it preyed a snake, from beginning to end, he knocked it back and forth on the rocks before swallowing it and that took him about 7-10 min before he ate the whole thing. I got some pics they turned out dark and grainy for he was in the shade and I had maxxed out my 70-300vr zoom plus it was toward evening time. Had to lighten up then use a noise program. So needless to say, they weren't great but it was fun.

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