Black crusts around my cats neck?

martagirinaMarch 26, 2013

My cat has had these black crusts around her neck for a while now, they are around her neck, on the top of her head, and starting to spread on her chest. The skin first discolours and turns black/dark brown, and these crust things are formed, its not a scab, but you can peal them off, they're about 3-5 mm big. The skin under is grey/dark brown/sometimes red underneath, and occasionally looks very shiny. She has little to no fur around her neck, and no fur on her belly. She is a devon rex, and she's hypo-allergenic and is fed prescription food from the vet. I feel like if I don't peal the crusty skin pieces, a lot more form, i'm not sure what to do about it! She finds them itchy, but she's fine with me touching them and looking around, so they don't bother her too much.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of them, and tips will be greatly appreciated !

Other info: she's an indoor cat, but spent almost all of last summer just "tanning" which made her skin a lot darker, she's been inside all winter.
-If I giver her a bath and scrub her neck, the crusts only form after a day or so

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That looks just awful! I would take him to a different vet...there's no sense in a vet just brushing that off! Your poor kitty must be miserable! I hope someone can help and at least point you in the right direction.

Is it possible that it's yeast? Does it stink like corn chip smell (that's how the describe it)?

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It actually has no smell at all! And yes, we're planning a day to bring her to a local vet to get a different view !

It doesn't seam to bother her a lot, she acts normal, the only thing different is that she occasionally scratches her neck more often

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Don't waste your money on a general veterinarian. Take your cat to a university vet school where she can be seen by a veterinary dermatologist. She needs an accurate diagnosis and treatment.


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I found this- no idea how reputable the site is, but it may help.

Have you checked the label on the bag to make sure the food hasn't had an ingredient change? Sometimes slight changes get made that can add in that one allergen that sets things off.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fabcats link

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I have heard that Devon Rex cats are susceptible to skin conditions and it's common in the breed. Did your vet discuss this with you?

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Wow...your vet didn't pay attention to her skin condition. I would have just walked out of his clinic.

Hope your cat finds relief soon because just looking at the pictures makes me itch.


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