How to Find a Good Home?

ozziepuppyMarch 7, 2010

We have a rescued Kuvasz, a very sweet girl, who needs a new home. We did not realize that this type of dog is really not very well suited to our neighborhood where people call the police if your dog barks. She loves to be outside but we can not leave her outside for long because she is very "guardy" and her barking causes neighbors to call the police. She adores women (men, not so much--we think a man may have abused her). We do not want to advertise and risk her being taken by someone who would mistreat her. None of our friends are interested in such a large dog. She is extremely "snuggly" and affectionate (to women) but is also an awesome guard dog. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to find a trustworthy--hopefully rural--home for her other than putting an ad in the paper? Thanks.

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Check with the local rescue people. Until then help her out by taking her for long leash walks and for trips to the park....You may want to focate a breed specific rescue organization....good luck

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Thanks. She is a very sweet girl.

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You might find a rescue willing to let you bring her to their rescue events (ie, Petco/Petsmart adoption days). The adoption fee would of course go to them, and you could donate additional as a 'thank you' as well. Ideally they would include her photo and information on their website so it would be on Petfinder. There is a rescue group in my area that was willing to do this - hopefully you can find one in your area.

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Are you sure you can't make some changes to your daily routine to minimize her barking?

It sounds like you don't really want to get rid of her.

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Look for a Kuvasz or all breed rescue.

But you can also work on the barking. I have jack russells and they are huge barkers. I have taught them that they are not allowed to bark outside. I put them indoors when I am gone and when I am there, they have access to the yard. If they bark, I bring them in immediately and "the fun is over". You have to be vigilant and do this every time, but it does work. They still run around like crazy and get all rattled up when they see people, other dogs, etc...but most of the time, they don't bark. This helps to reinforce not to bark outside and also saves them from disturbing my neighbors.

Worse comes to worse, you can always get a bark collar. If you love this dog and are providing her a good home, it may be a better option than rehoming her.


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Please consider contacting Kuvasz rescue. If you can't get help from them, try other Livestock Guardian Dog rescues - Pyr, Anatolian Shepherd etc. All-breed rescues tend to discount the particular needs of LGD's and this girl will find herself shuffled from home to home....never a good thing for any breed.

LGD's bark ....and they bark a LOT. It's their job. They can be trained not to bark excessively, but if you live in an urban or suburban area, there may be way too much activity around her.

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Thanks--these are all good suggestions. You are right, there is a lot of ambivalence about rehoming her. After all, she has already been rehomed once after being abused. Also, I MAY now have a friend who is interested in her. So we will just take it slow. Thanks again.

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