Family pictures...

joanmnJuly 29, 2007

Emma in my hat.

Emma, doing some deep thinking.

Eli, close-up.

Eli at the beach.

Steph, coming out of the water.

The whole family. Steph, Julee, Eli, Emma, Mike.

Last one.

All with Canon Digital Rebel XTi.


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Great pictures of a beautiful family. Emma is getting so grown up!
And Stephanie is getting more beautiful each year.
Eli just makes me smile!

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Those are wonderful pics, Joan...
I have a son Eli and I so wanted to name my last daughter Emma....
If you don't mind me asking are they your daughter/son---grandkids?


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Of course I don't mind you asking!
Mike is my son, so the 3 kids are my GK's. Steph is 17, Emma is 7, Eli is 5.
Steph's biological mother is my daughter, Heather, but she and Steph's biological father don't care to raise their kids, so other people have to.
Thank goodness for Mike and Julee. They took Steph in when Emma was about 6 months old. She is doing wonderfully with them, and they love her to pieces. (probably a lot more than you wanted to know!).

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Gosh those are great!! Joan!,You always take wonderful pictures

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Wonderful pics Joanie. wow. Just can`t believe how those kiddies have grown!

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