problem with neighborhood cat beating my cat up

sandywcMarch 17, 2013

I have 3 indoor only Ragdolls. My cats have always been indoor cats, so I know that's the only way to keep a cat safe. I've been feeding/sheltering a homeless cat (Blackie) for over a year and half, and I've gotten very attached to him. He was intact and kept getting into fights with a gray cat. After being severely beaten up, I took Blackie to vet, spent about $600 on antibiotics, care, vaccinations and blood tests. He tested positive for FIV, and vet said it would not be safe to bring him in with my healthy cats. He is also not adoptable because of FIV. But he has been nursed to health, is very happy, has heating pad, food and everything he could ask for, incl. my heart. So I had him neutered and he's been living my garage. He stays in my stucco walled yard and in garage at night. The same cat who has nearly killed him still comes and beats him up, sprays all over my porch. I just want Blackie to be safe. I'm putting cat door in garage for him. He's made a beautiful loving pet. Any ideas on how to get the other cat to just go away? I think he may not have an owner but he's mean.

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Can you just trap him with a humane trap and take him to a shelter? He'll be put down, but it sounds like Blackie will likely end up dead if you don't and the gray cat's life will probably end violently and prematurely anyway. Some shelters will lend or rent you a trap.

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FIV+ cats can live long and happy lives (keeping stress down is helpful), and they can be adoptable. Generally it is recommended that they go to homes with no other cats, or with other FIV+ cats. I have heard of them living with non-FIV cats though (mellow cats, that aren't likely to fight, draw blood--since it is transmitted via blood/bites I believe).

If you can find a rescue group, or a no-kill shelter that would take him in, if you can't find someone to adopt him on your own, that would be ideal. Maybe Best Friends (Utah based sanctuary) could point you in the right direction if you are unable to find a place locally.

Good luck!

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Not all cats are automatically euthanized at shelters.

Sheesh. Really. That is offensive to the people in shelters across the country who dedicate their lives to saving other lives.

I don't mean to sabotage this thread, so will address it in my own post.

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What about trapping the other cat and having it neutered thru a spay/neuter clinic? It would cost much less vs going thru your vet.

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Thank you all for such helpful suggestions. I really think Blackie could have a good life with me once this one problem is solved. First thing tomorrow I'm having a magnetic cat door installed on my garage. Blackie already wears a collar and he hasn't once fought it so hopefully the cat door will keep Meany out. I actually did think about capturing and neutering Meany but I'm not sure if he even has an owner and that makes me feel bad too. Hopefully I can work this out. Shame on owners who abandon these poor babes.

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A little late but...

Sandy - I think you are right that it would be wrong to trap someone else's cat, even if that owner (should he have an owner) is doing wrong by not keeping his cat home.

Did you know they make netting and installation kits to put along the tops of fences? It will keep yours in and others out.

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I spayed/neutered many cats that come to my house hungry and hanging around periodically. I go house to house for several streets with a flyer that has the cats description and photo, leaving it their newspaper box if no one is home. I also post an ad on Craigslist. then after 2 weeks I go ahead and humanely trap the cat. my local Humane Society will TNR (spay/neuter/vaccinate) for a small fee or donation. then I release the cat after they have recovered (24 hours for females). If they are friendly, the HS will find them a home w/the option of my taking them back. if mean, I release them. I've not had one cat that I TNRed ever have an owner. ALL were abandoned. the ones that live on my street and have owners I recognize, some are well fed and have collars. Neutering Mr Meany will most likely stop the roaming, spraying and fighting. BUT if you take Blackie exclusively indoors (which is awesome!) you will most likely "adopt" another cat that will hang around your house. such is the case w/me when I incorporate a cat into my family and keep them exclusively indoors. I currently have a "meany" tom that lives in my basement via a cat door. took 2-1/2 yrs & now he is the sweetest guy ever!

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How is it wrong to have a cat who is allowed to roam neutered or spayed? People seem to have this notion that they can do whatever they want without regard to their neighbors. It is NOT OK to allow an intact cat to roam. If for no other reason than the fact that the rest of the taxpayers in the community are then saddled with the responsibility to dispose of the unwanted litters produced by the intact animals allowed to roam.

Trap the cat, have it neutered, then release. You'll be doing a public service. If the cat has owners who are concerned with whether it remains intact they wouldn't be allowing it to roam, period.

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