Pot Filler Placement

ricklishFebruary 24, 2008

I'm including a pot filler in my kitchen remodel. Any feedback/suggestions on where to place it? I am planning to have a brick wall behind the 48" range which will have a recessed, arched niche in it. See photos. I was thinking that the pot filler could go just to the right of the niche (the black dot on the blue tape to the right) and be positioned so that the spout is at about 12" up from the burner surface. (My big stock pot is 11" tall). Do I need to be concerned about the projection of the handle over the range? I feel that it will be protruding over the rear burner - we've got a 4" low-rise back on the range that appears (from the specs) to be less that 2" deep. The overall depth of the pot filler including the handle is about 5 3/4".

Here is a link that might be useful: Pot filler photos

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I'm bumping this for ricklish - so their question can be answered by someone knowledable!!

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I've got to say, your pictures aren't that helpful, because I can't tell where your niche is in comparison to your stove or rest of your kitchen. We're no experts, but I'll tell you how we decided. We too have a 48-inch range, and I ended up putting it 10 inches from the right side of the edge of the stove, and 18 inches above the counter level.

We too were stumped about where to put it, so this is what we did. We pored pictures of kitchens that had pot fillers to try to calculate more or less where other people put theirs. Everyone said to measure your tallest pots. My tallest is about 11 inches, but it sits higher than that (from counter level) when it is on the range burner. I also noticed that a lot of people tended to put them at the height of the lowest part of their cabinets, which is 18 inches in most people's cases. It looks good to me at that height.

While 18 sounds high, once you put the faucet in, the bottom most part of it is not that much higher than your biggest pot as it sits on the burners. I also didn' want it grazing my pots. And because this is a big stove, as is yours, then I wanted it to accomodate the biggest meal, biggest quantities we would ever prepare. Why else have a range and kitchen with these proportions? We both have big extended families and entertain a lot.

As to where to locate it left or right, I decided that since our big main sink is to the left of the stove (on another wall) I wanted the pot filler to be more on the right side of the stove. We have a six burner Viking, with a 12-inch griddle more on the left side of the stove. It also made more sense to have the pot filler over the double row of burners, which are more to the right side of the stove. At 10 inches from the right, the pot filler is almost right between the two sets of burners on that side of the stove.

Basically, you just have to see what looks right to your eye, and what would fit best with whatever backsplash/niche you will have. The height is what you most have to worry about, I think. Good luck deciding.

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