length of feline coma

darlene87March 11, 2007

Our Maine Coon cat got ill last week, and on Fri. stopped eating. He would only drink the juice I drained off canned salmon. On Sat. I called several vets, which were all closed. One I did get in contact with told me to take him to the pound. We don't know what happened or how old Babe is, we took him in as a stray a few yrs. ago. Sat. he slowed down on his drinking, and Sun. he went into a coma. His heart is beating slowly, but there is no response at all. Hubby said we will take him to the vet tomorrow when they open. This has made me a basket case, blaming myself for not being more aware. He was an inside/outside kitty, and stayed in every night. Anyone know how long a coma usually lasts in a cat. Does anyone know why they charge so much for euthensia? Here it is $140, and you are not allowed to be with the kitty. Any help will be appreciated.


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First, I'm sorry for what you're going thru with your cat but, and I'll be blunt, how could you not get the cat some type of veterinary help by now? Even on the weekend most vets leave an emergency number or let you know where the animal can be taken.
I doubt he'll come out of the coma and is probably on his death bed.
If this came on suddenly, it's possible he got into something toxic.........especially since he was and indoor/outdoor cat. If treated sooner, the vet 'may' have been able to help him.

I wouldn't let anyone euthanize my pet if they didn't allow me to be in the room. Find another vet.

Also, I doubt the pound is going to treat the animal......but they would euthanize it.......usually for a donation.

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All the vets were closed, and left a message to contact our local pound if an emergency. Kitty passed away Sunday evening, though I had made contact to see a vet tomorrow. I did try, I don't drive because of epilepsy, and hubby just had surgery and not up to a lot of moving about. I tried, prayed, and called friends, but everyone was gone shopping, or whatever people do who drive.

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I'm very sorry about your kitty.


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I'm sorry.

It does sound like he got into something toxic.

Here, euthanasia is about $30 if you take the pet home for burial, more if the vet does "disposal" (landfill).

I *never* would tolerate being sent out of the room.

I'd find another vet.

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I add my condolences re your cat's death. However, it will not do you any good or bring back her life to feel guilty. We all have a fate, even a cat. It does not sound to me as though you were negligent or took poor care of her. As you said, you did not know her age and you will never know the actual cause of her death.

Last summer our rabbit had an abcess that we were not aware of. (It was inside his cranial cavity.) We saw a problem with his eye on Saturday night, Took him to an emergency vet first thing Sunday morning (Vet said it was not life-threatening but should be taken care of.) He was scheduled for surgery Monday, but passed away Sunday night. My point is that even had you been able to get your cat to an emergency vet, that is no guarantee that the outcome would have been different.

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Darlene, I am sorry about the loss of your cat. It sounds like he had a very natural death and died at home with you there, and no frightening procedures. In a way, this is just what I would like for myself someday, so I guess I believe you did well in caring for your cat. There is no crime in not giving medical care to an older adopted animal. In many of our lives, medical care can be a luxury we cannot afford. I hope your grief is not too difficult and that you do visit the 'pound again soon, to get a new kitty for your home.

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My cats are inside/outside cats there is alwways a chance that they can get in something. My mother's cat Bud ate warfin in the wood pile, we had no idea because we don't use any poison. The wood rats had stached the extra in the wood stack. These days warfin is made to slowley kill so an animal who eats it will not show any affects until it is too late. They will have kidney failure.
I would get another vet the vet I go to lets you hold your pet, he and the staff ceies with you, bills you so you don't have to think of payment at the sad time and sends you a nice card, remembers to take your pet out of the computer. If you bring a dog or cat he will treat them in your car if you want. He refuses to put down a healthy animal. does no ears or tails or declawing. He charges $35 for a cat. I feel fortuniate to have him as a vet.

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I'm sorry for your loss. I am in almost the same situation. I have a cat who is a few months shy of turning 21. she dislocated her shoulder last weekend, which was put back in place immediately. The vet said she didn't have very long to go. after some rest she was doing well, still eating, drinking, walking using the litter...etc. THen Friday night she laid down and didn't get up. She was still responsive but refused anything i brought for her. her paws were starting to get really cold. then this morning she was unresponsive, eyes gel-like and half open, shallow breathing and slowed heart-rate. I've done my best to keep her comfortable, but it's really hard watching her hold on like this. I got her when she was 6 weeks old and she has been a constant companion to me throughout almost my entire life. I refuse to take her to the vet and get her euthanized- i feel this would be cruel being in the state she is in. I know death is near for her and there is no point easing my suffering if it would cause her the slightest bit. I just wonder if anyone knows the best way to deal with this kind of thing

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To Oddcritter, I am going through the very same thing today with my kitty. He finally crashed last night after having hyperthyroidism for a year. He is 16 years old. Try to remember that death is a natural process and if the animal is handling it well you don't have to opt for euthansia. Whether I do or not is determined by my furry friends behavior and the nature of thedisease that is causing their death.

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Annz is being a bit hard but did not know your situation. I live 30 miles from the nearest city and 1.5 hour drive to the nearest emergency vet. I can not drive on the highway because I get extremely dizzy and I am also completely nightblind. I would have to do what you did. I do know that our emergency vet does return phone calls and will call in pain medication to a 24 hour drug store if you expect you animal is near death.

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Darlene's cat passed away four years ago, and oddcritter's is probably about two years gone.

Anyway, Skye, you have a good heart and my thoughts are with you. I've been there and it's tough to go through this with a beloved pet.

Lisa, you also sound like a very compassionate person.

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I have to say, after looking up feline coma, I was directed here. I did see a few stories like mine and feel alittle better. My boo-boo kitty 19. She is the oldest of my three kitties. My cats have been indoor cats for four years. They had gotten fleas before sincethey have been inside,but I have had them on frontline which would help. This summer though, not so much. The fleas hurt all my cats. I bombed and even got "capstar" from the vet which kills all the fleas on them in an hour or so which was awesome!!!... My cats were feeling better, but then boo took a turn for the worse. She would eat then wouldnt. She would drink, I even got her a kiity ensure of sorts from the vet. I believe they had been anemic? Now, today,as the hurricaine was hitting us on shoreline of CT, She,like another cat story on here is not moving and her eyes are so unresponsive, its horrible. when I touch under her chin though, she would purrr. I feel she isnt in pain. I just feel so horrible, I know she lived a long good life, but I was not ready for this. She was my little princess kitty since a kitten and now shes going to just drift off in her sleep. I just dont want her to be in any pain.

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I have an eight month old kitty Freddie Boo Boo. Healthy little kitty with a rescued 3 yr. old Ragdoll breed Missy mothering him. At 3AM Monday morning, Missy awakened me by tapping on my face.
I turned on my nightstand light to find Freddie Boo Boo totally unresponsive. I picked him up and gently shook him. His head fell back. I said "Freddie Boo Boo, don't die on me now!" I took him to the livingroom floor and gently pressed on his chest. Eyes half open, pupils enlaged. I took him to the kitchen counter and spit in his mouth.
Freddie Boo Boo had left the building for a good 5 minutes that I know of.
In the space of 15 seconds, he awoke, jumped down from the counter, used his littterbox, had a bite to eat and started grooming himself.

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