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Sami56March 14, 2013

I spend some time with a friend's puppy, a Pomsky & now really want one. However I have always had rescues, currently two, and have moral objections to puppy mills. I do know personally a woman who responsibily breeds yellow labs, so I know there are good, honest breeders out there. But how do you find one? Is there an organization I can contact? I volunteer at a local shelter, so I know there are wonderful dogs waiting for loving homes, but this once I want a specific kind of dog. Any suggestions?

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Since a pom sky is just a cute name for a cross between a husky and a Pomeranian, there's no such thing as a good breeder for them. They are basically just producing puppies for sale because people find them cute and they're a fad. They have no idea how the puppies will even look because they could have different characteristics from each parent. You could buy one and it may not look at all like your friend's dog.A responsible breeder is trying to adhere to a set standard, which doesn't exist for mixed breeds.

That said, you may be able to find one in a shelter since they seem to be popular now.

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Yes I did my research & know they are a " designer" dog and not a true breed. Although most breeds started out by someone somewhere breeding two different dogs for their characteristics. My point is that there are some good breeders out there, but how do I find a trustworthy one. Deb you are right, sadly when the fad fades, they will turn up in shelters, just like other fad digs. Thaks for taking the time to respond!

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