my new torbie cat

luvdogsMarch 27, 2010

I went down to the high kill shelter to adopt a Snowshoe mix. Of course, they didn't know where he was at that time so i picked another cat.

I had always thought that "torbie" was a misspelling of "tortie". Shows you what i know.

She nurses on herself - she bends her neck to her belly, sucks and kneads. I read that this is due to not enough mothering. She's the size of a 6-month-old cat.

Anyway - she's rather innocent-acting.

I named her Cammi.

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boy i hope she becomes less timid and more active. She's still acclimating i guess.

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I once fostered a kitten that nursed herself;
she was the last of the litter, kept in a cage at the vet's office for nearly a week, in a very noisy environment.

Nursing herself was her only consolation.

Give this kitty lots of love & she'll learn that she can get comfort from cuddling with "her" human.

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Thanks sylvia - she doesn't seem to do it when she's alone - at least i've never caught her doing it.

But when i hold her and snuggle, that seems to stimulate her to nurse on herself. I pull her out of it and rub her belly. It's a little disconcerting to be cuddling with a cat who then starts to cuddle herself instead - lol. I bet she had a tough start.

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poor thing.

maybe snuggling gets her in the mood to do the only thing she knows to do to make herself happy.

As my brother would say, just keep on truckin';
she'll grow out of it & learn that love comes from you.

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